Volunteer Opportunity - OD8-4 Memorial "The Seed of Life"

last updated 03/07/2024
Volunteer Opportunity - OD8-4 Memorial "The Seed of Life"

Place a piece of porcelain tile in the 480 sq ft mosaic The Seed of Life. This mosaic will be installed at the courtyard near Trolley Stop and will memorialize and honor those lives lost and forever changed on August 4, 2019.

Event details

Address: 215 E. Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402 [Map/directions]
Event has passed (Thu, Mar 21 2024)
* this page may be updated if event is repeated in the future *
Cost: FREE

Place a piece for peace & healing

Join the Seed of Life artist team at the Dayton Metro Library.  We will be in the Opportunity Center at St. Clair continuing the work of creating the 480 square foot mosaic that will be installed in the ground outside of Trolley Stop.  The participation process is simple and we provide all the necessary supplies.  No need to register or sign up.  Volunteers are welcome to float in and out or stay the entire time.  The volunteer process consists of gluing pieces of cut up tile into the predesigned shapes.  Please join us as we seek community healing through community-based art.

Dayton Metro Library

Volunteer Opportunity - OD8-4 Memorial "The Seed of Life" is taking place at Dayton Metro Library, which is located at 215 E. Third Street in Dayton. Dayton Metro Library - Dayton Metro Library is a multi-branch public library system serving Montgomery County, Ohio and beyond.

The Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton.

The Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton - MI is committed to offer free mosaic instruction to all who wish to join in the creation of murals that will reside in neighborhoods, organizations and businesses.
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