Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical + Review

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    Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire [ info ]

Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical + Review

Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical + Review
Past Event - Sunday, March 2, 2014
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La Comedia Dinner Theatre
765 W. Central Ave., Springboro, OH 45066 [map it]

From the songs and stories of a true legend comes a theatrical musical experience that will lift your heart and stir your soul.

Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical + Review

The sound of Johnny Cash's unique deep voice and poetic lyrics was enough to make me a fan of his music many years ago, but from "Ring of Fire," I also gained a deeper respect for the man himself. A musical tribute to Johnny Cash, "Ring of Fire," at La Comedia through March 2, reveals that the songs about love and loss, success and failure, faith and redemption were often a reflection of his true self.

There will forever be only one Johnny Cash, so the cast of "Ring of Fire," doesn't attempt to imitate the iconic artist, but presents nearly 40 of his songs in their own way. Six talented vocalists portrays the Man in Black's music as having many different shades (not of grey) of colorful emotion. The cast consists of three males Chris 'The Director' Beiser; Dustin 'O Holy Night' Farris; and Kevin 'The Rookie' McDaniel and three females, Becky Barrett-Jones, Leslie Jo Bisssett and Mallory Georgia Marie. Whether singing individually or all together they are always right on tune.

Among the highlights for me was when the trio of women sang "Sunday Morning Coming Down," as their beautiful voices pulls at your heart strings. A perfect amount of sentiment is sprinkled onto every note. More than just a one hit wonder, Dustin Farris further proves that his talents exceed his annual rendition of "O Holy Night" by mastering the tone of a "A Boy Named Sue." And finally Chris Beiser pulls a Woody Allen by serving as both an actor and director. His return to the La Comedia stage is a welcomed one, especially with his arresting performance of "Folsom Prison Blues." His voice serves as handcuffs, locking in your total interest.

My interest was heightened and satisfied during the singing of my favorite Johnny Cash songs such as "Jackson," "Flesh & Blood," "I Still Miss Someone," "I Walk the Line," and "I've Been Everywhere." However, I also discovered many songs I wasn't familiar with, such as "Ragged Old Flag" which Beiser recites with great patriotism.

Don't go expecting a biopic, as that's not what "Ring of Fire," is but more of a collection of songs with some narrative in between. Fans of Johnny Cash, both young and old, will enjoy the trip down memory lane.  Adult tickets range in price from $55 - $71. An "Early Bird" discount of $4 ticket applies to January performances. Children 11 and under are only $30. You can visit for half price by using the all new "Taste of Savings Loyalty Card" available through La Comedia's box office.

Call (937) 746-4554 or 1 (800) 677-9505 or visit La Comedia for tickets. "Ring of Fire" continues through March 2.

From the songs and stories of a true legend comes a theatrical musical experience that will lift your heart and stir your soul. RING OF FIRE is a journey into the heart and heartland of America, courtesy of musical legend JOHNNY CASH.
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    La Comedia Dinner Theatre
    765 W. Central Ave.
    Springboro, OH 45066
    [Get Map]
    Call: 937-746-4554
    The Lacomedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro Ohio - Combining Broadway-style entertainment and fine dining since 1975!

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