Quiplash at Hole in the Wall

Quiplash at Hole in the Wall

Its like Cards Against Humanity except you play live from your phones and your answers show up on the TVs while we drink and listen to music!

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Address: 423 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402 [Map/directions]
Event has passed (Wed, May 10 2023)
* this page may be updated if event is repeated in the future *
Cost: FREE

Quiplash at Hole in the Wall

Every Wednesday, John Chapel hosts Quiplash at Hole in the Wall! If you've never played, its like Cards Against Humanity: You have 90 seconds to write your own answer (on your mobile device, no app needed) and put that answer head to head against someone else and everyone votes for the winner. Its that easy! NO COVER!!

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Hole in the Wall

Quiplash at Hole in the Wall is taking place at Hole in the Wall, which is located at 423 E 5th St in Dayton. Hole in the Wall - Dayton Ohio's first Bar Arcade in the historical Oregon district. - read more

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