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The Addams Family at La Comedia

The Addams Family at La Comedia
Past Event - Sunday, June 28, 2015
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La Comedia Dinner Theatre
765 W. Central Ave., Springboro, OH 45066 [map it]

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky!

The Addams Family at La Comedia


Rats, spiders, and cockroaches are all a little creepy, much like the Addams Family; but despite their spooky nature, each of the species contains a heart (at least I think, I failed Science). ‘The Addams Family’ a musical comedy, at La Comedia through June 28, is a success because at the center of the darkness is heart. It might be a bit of a scary thought, but in reality, ‘The Addams Family,’ isn’t very different from your own. (I suppose it’s better than being like the Kardashians)

The methods used by the ‘The Addams Family’ are often unique, as torture devices are prevalent in their massive home (but not like ’50 Shades of Grey), but they hold a traditional love for one another. The central plot of the show is that Gomez and Morticia must deal with the news that their daughter, Wednesday, is getting married. The news effects the family in many ways, including Pugsley being heartbroken that his sister won’t be around to make him suffer anymore.

A main reason that ‘The Addams Family’ excels is its extremely superb cast. It can be a little daunting to portray characters that are so well known from television and movies, but the challenge is not only met, its conquered. Many cast members are making their La Comedia debut, and I hope to see them become regulars. Among them is Matthew Janisse who masterfully portrays Gomez. His voice, comedic timing, and all together stage presence is right on target, even more so than his sword fighting.

His talents are equally matched by the sinfully divine Karie-Lee Sutherland, who fills the role of Morticia perfectly, including her form fitting dress, with a plunging neckline. Though Morticia may be deathly pale, Sutherland still shines bright. An element of the television series that I remember is the passion that Gomez and Morticia showed for one another, it’s captured on stage, particularly when they dance together.

Plus, like when she shoots her crossbow, Amalia Tollas hits the bulls-eye with her performance as Wednesday. All Wednesday wants is for her family to appear normal when they meet her beloved and his parents. Her pending nuptials may depend on it. A large amount of the show’s laughs revolve around the Addams’ attempt to be common folk.

 The Beineke’s, Mal (Richard Bull) and Alice (Cheryl Salzman) are models of normalcy. She likes to speak in rhyme, he’s grown dull over time. Will their marriage ever be the same, after what’s revealed from playing a game?

A round of Full Disclosure sends everything spiraling out of control in a hilarious scene with Pugsley (Matthew Joshua Cohen) being mostly at fault. Pugsley’s sadness over Wednesday possibly leaving him behind is touchingly expressed in his singing of “What If.”

Rounding out the family tree is Grandma (Elaine Wilson) who has a potion for everything, including explosive one-liners, Lurch (Danny Mullanaphy), who is slow to move, but quick to get laughs, and Uncle Fester (Killian Lock) whose talents can go to the moon and back. Plus, some spectacular dancing and lavish costumes are added by the group of Ancestors.

‘The Addams Family’ contains many laughs, but is also mixed with a surprisingly sweet love story. It will tickle your funny bone and pull at your heart strings, all at the same time. My wife and I agree (which is rare), ‘The Addams Family’ is the best show we’ve seen at La Comedia for a while. This conversation actually occurred…Me: (Speaking to her parents) We saw a good show at La Comedia.

My Wife: It wasn’t good. It was very, very, very, very, very good.

No matter how we look, act or live, we are all part of a family, and can relate to ‘The Addams Family.’ Your family might even look perfect compared to ‘The Addams Family.’ Who doesn’t want that? ‘The Addams Family’ continues until June 28.

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    La Comedia Dinner Theatre
    765 W. Central Ave.
    Springboro, OH 45066
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    Call: 937-746-4554
    The Lacomedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro Ohio - Combining Broadway-style entertainment and fine dining since 1975!

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