Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally 2024 Season

last updated 04/12/2024
Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally 2024 Season

Join us for food truck festivals at the Yellow Cab Tavern in downtown Dayton March through October.

Event details

Address: 700 E. 4th Street, Dayton, OH 45402 [Map/directions]

Food Trucks return to the Yellow Cab with 8 specialty food festivals

The Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally is celebrating its 11th season of Yellow Cab Food Truck Rallies with 8 specialty food festivals in 2024 through September. This long standing food festival series is known for some of its signature foodie events like the return Mac and Cheese Fest and Seafood Fest while trying out a few new themes this year.

“2024 is going to be an incredible year for food truck rallies at The Yellow Cab Tavern. We have some of the biggest events we’ve ever hosted planned for this year from the brand new Grilled Cheese Fest in April to the long standing and crowd favorite, Seafood Fest later in the year.” said event organizer Brian Johnson. “We have such an incredible group of vendors coming out this year and I can’t wait to see how they engage with each of our food fest themes!”

Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally

Each event in 2024 will be focused around a specific theme for attendees to try. 

2024 Yellow Cab Food Truck Rallies:

*All events are from 5 to 9pm, free entry, and family friendly

Food trucks and mobile vending businesses often operate as a proof of concept for many small and micro business owners as they build and grow their audience and offerings in a less risky setup.

“In 11 years The Yellow Cab Food Truck Rallies are starting to become generational with people who came as children 11 years ago arriving with children of their own now!” Johnson said. “The same is true for many of our food truck partners. We love seeing vendors we’ve worked with, 'growing up' and opening a brick and mortar restaurant. That means we did something right to support them in their entrepreneurial journey and we fully plan to continue that support for people just coming into the industry and opening up businesses of their own!”

Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally 2024 schedule

Yellow Cab Tavern

Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally 2024 Season is taking place at Yellow Cab Tavern, which is located at 700 E. 4th Street in Dayton. Yellow Cab Tavern - Yellow Cab is a community art space, bar, and live music venue in Dayton, Ohio. We host a variety of events- artshows, live music, food truck rallies, and much more!
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