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Music - Dayton Ohio

Music stores, recording studios and related businesses in the Greater Dayton Area. Looking for bands?
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Music in Dayton

Dayton Music

- Whether it’s a wedding or an anniversary, an open house party or a corporate event, the classical sounds of a string quartet, or other musical group, can make your special event truly memorable.
- Offering high quality music education for all ages in a safe and caring environment. We offer lessons in: Brass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Strings, Voice, and Woodwinds.
- Piano tuning combines the knowledge of music theory and the acoustic theory science of physics. When piano strings vibrate at a certain speed, it causes your eardrums to vibrate at the same speed, thus you hear musical tone if the vibration is within the range of human hearing. The speed at which the string vibrates is called its frequency, which is measured in hertz (hz), or cycles per second (cps). The faster a string vibrates, the higher the frequency or pitch of a note. Having your piano tuned asures that each string is tuned to the proper vibrating speed thus creating beautiful tones of harmony.
- R&B / Hip Hop Group from Dayton Ohio.
- Independent record store featuring new and used cds, new and used vinyl records, new and used DVDs, posters and audio accessories.
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- Supporting Local Area Jazz
- Music Department, Sinclair Community College
- We provide the highest quality and deepest selection of music, movies and video games at the lowest cost, while paying the best for quality trade-ins.
- Learn to Irish dance, participate in local, national and international competitions and performances.
- The DPVA was founded in 1952 and supports the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in the areas of education, promotion, fundraising and membership development.
- Contemporary Church Orchestra at the Kettering Adventist Church in Kettering, Ohio under the direction of Donald Huff. One member describes it as "Church Pops."
- Sound Valley is a community driven initiative with the goal to bring national attention to Dayton’s vibrant and growing music scene.
- ...featuring 24 track analog recording, Protools, and HD24... 
- Family Jam Productions... Proud presenters and promoters of local and regional music.
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