Zen Zula Club: Monthly Gen-Z Circle

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Zen Zula Club: Monthly Gen-Z Circle

Led by Wren Bailey, The Mindful Childcare Coach. She is a social-emotional development expert with a passion for supporting parents, children, and teens.

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Address: 400 Linden Ave, Dayton, OH 45403 [Map/directions]
Event has passed (Mon, Dec 18 2023)
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Cost: 5/10/15

Zen Zula Club: Monthly Gen-Z Circle

Zen Zula is a casual, safe place just for teens.

It’s a place where nothing is expected of you:
You don't have to be productive or focused.
You don't have to calm down or censor yourself.
You can just decompress, vent, be moody, be lazy, goof off… without judgment.
Zen Zula is a place to be yourself, exactly as you are.

Here, people listen when you vent about what's on your mind. Here, people offer you kindness and support. Here, people talk about real things, laugh a lot, and lounge around. Here, there are couches, board games, art supplies, books, instruments, snacks... and relaxed people to enjoy them with.

This space is …

-offered once a month
-open to straights, gays, & theys, ages 13-18
-maintained with love & respect by Miss Wren

For the parents:

The day of a typical teen is packed to the brim with school, deadlines, expectations, and extracurriculars. Their home lives and social lives— even their times of rest and decompression— are scheduled and structured (if they even have time for rest at all).

In the past, extracurricular structure for our teens was wanted to "keep them out of trouble." But times have changed and most of our teens today have the opposite problem: they are managing too many things on their plates. What today's teens need the most is a safe place to have time and space: a safe place where nothing is expected of them, where they don't have to be productive, polite or calm; a safe place to decompress, vent, and goof off without judgment… a place to be themselves, exactly as they are.

THIS is the intention for Zen Zula.

Facilitated by Wren Bailey, The Mindful Childcare Coach.

Standard Pricing: $10

Supported pricing is available via the honor system in a very limited quantity for those in true need. This option is for folks who would not be able to attend the gathering with standard pricing. If supported pricing is needed, we encourage you to make your purchase as soon as possible before these spaces are depleted. Please book with the regular option if that is affordable to you… abundance is attracted to those who let it flow.

Temple of the Rebel Goddess

Zen Zula Club: Monthly Gen-Z Circle is taking place at Temple of the Rebel Goddess, which is located at 400 Linden Ave in Dayton. Temple of the Rebel Goddess - Imagine a self-serve sacred coffee shop, where everything is donation based, and where you can cultivate your relationship to the Divine. Do your work, your art, or offer devotion to the deities.

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