Shotgun Clinic

Shotgun Clinic

$100 per person (extensive shotgun knowledge and mastery is not required, but please contact us to discuss your readiness for this all-range, multi-drill clinic.)

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Address: 2820 South County Road 25A, Troy, OH 45373 [Map/directions]
Event has passed (Sun, Oct 02 2022)
* this page may be updated if event is repeated in the future *
Cost: $100

Shotgun Clinic

$100 per person
This course is a Skill Builder, range time only...we will meet at the range, location will be given upon registration
In this course, we will work to further develop your skills with a shotgun. We will work on shooting quickly, carefully and precisely; as well as help you develop a balance of speed and accuracy with your shotgun.
Experience level is not the most important part of this...but you will probably want to have fired a shotgun before...extensive knowledge and mastery is not required...but please contact us to discuss your level of readiness.  If preferred, you can arrange for a one-hour, private firearms session at $50/hour.
You will gain confidence and proficiency with your shotgun, whether you want to pursue home protection, or sport shooting such as trap or skeet, or even hunting.
• Shooting at Multiple Targets
• Multiple Shots on Target
• Keeping your shotgun loaded and running
• Shooting different distances
• Patterning your shotgun
• Shooting different types of shotgun ammo
• Shotgun, pump or semi-auto
• shell carrier or dump pouch, not required
*100 rounds 7 1/2 or 8 shot
*5 rounds Rounds Buck shot (#1 or 00)
*5 slugs
• Eye & Ear Protection
• Hat With a Brim
• Long Pants / Collared Shirt / Sturdy Shoes / NO Flip-Flops
• OPTIONAL: Sling ( single point or 2 point)
$100 This is not a private session.  Along with other students, you will receive instruction on the range by one of our certified instructors and a quality certificate to show verification of training.

Defensive Training Solutions

Shotgun Clinic is taking place at Defensive Training Solutions, which is located at 2820 South County Road 25A in Troy. Defensive Training Solutions - Defensive Training Solutions specializes in personal protection and safety strategies for the entire family. Our professional and courteous instructors are both NRA and SAFTD certified. - read more

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