Exhibit: Festival at The Blue House Gallery

Exhibit: Festival at The Blue House Gallery

The Blue House Gallery is excited to present "Festival" by Josiah Golson opening Saturday March 9th from 4-8pm!

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Location: 3325 Catalpa Drive Dayton, Ohio 45405 [Map/directions]
Event has passed (Fri, Mar 29 2024)
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Cost: FREE

Exhibit: Festival at The Blue House Gallery

The Blue House Gallery is excited to present Festival an installation by Josiah Golson opening Saturday March 9th from 4-8pm.


I been stuck in this room since I was 16

Head against the wall, every morning on repeat 

Lost in my music, mirror, and these magazines 

Trying to find a face that will make you look at me 


In FESTIVAL, I reimagine my teenage bedroom as a space of world-building with the iconography of popular music. Through the assemblage and collage of photos sourced from magazines, posters, and pop music media, I design “stages” or scenes inspired by the “genre” or styles of music associated with the subjects. Working on this installation for a year’s time, I revisit, reconstruct, and remove images to transform the layered and evolving scene, as the bedroom endures as a space for conjuring and constructing identity and community. Each stage is paired with a poem, written in the lyrical style of the stage’s genre. As I release the mass-produced images of my “heroes,” these icons populate the floor and are replaced with photos, markings, and materials that reflect my authentic experiences and world, the music no less present. 

Josiah Golson is an artist, the creator of 800 Collective, and the Restorative Arts and Equity Manager with Metro Arts Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee. Golson received his B.A. in Communication from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law in Austin. Through multiple mediums including collage, poetry, and video, Golson creates personally-driven narratives as invitations for collective storytelling. Developing his artistic practice while studying law, Golson expanded his projects from individual works to collaborative workshops and projects inspired by civic themes. While practicing law, he founded the 800 Collective to creatively inspire and organize civic discourse and engagement. Golson has taught and facilitated workshops at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Curb Center at Vanderbilt University, and Project Row Houses in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas. 

Please join us Saturday March 9th to celebrate the opening of Festival at The Blue House Gallery  located at 3325 Catalpa Drive Dayton Ohio 45405 4-8pm! For more inforamtion please contact The Blue House Gallery at thebluehousearts@gmail.com or by phone at (937)829-8016.

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