Country Concert 2024

Country Concert 2024

Music and Camping Festival in the USA - Country Concert is a 3-Day Country Music Festival in Ft Loramie Ohio (approx. 1 drive hour from Dayton).

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Location: 7103 SR 66, Fort Loramie, Ohio 45845 [Map/directions]
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Thu, Jul 11 2024
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Sat, Jul 13 2024

Country Concert—Fort Loramie OH

Country Concert July 11-13, 2024


The Midwest's Premier Country Music Festival started more than 40 years ago and is still family owned and operated today. Join us for 3 fun and music filled days, camping with friends and family. Coolers are welcome. GET YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY TOGETHER AT COUNTRY CONCERT FOR A SMILE THAT WILL LAST ALL SUMMER LONG & MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME!

Country Concert is a ‘Carry In’ event that has allowed fans to bring 14" coolers with their own beverages/food into the main show area since 1981

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