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Dayton Ohio - ARTery Gallery NEW Exhibit -Dog Days of Summer

ARTery Gallery NEW Exhibit -Dog Days of Summer
Past Event - Sunday, August 21, 2022
This page may be updated if the event is repeated
The ARTery at Front Street
1001 E. Second Street, Dayton, OH  [map it]
Free Event Adults only

ARTery Gallery-16 Synergistic Artists n Creatives,New Exibit - "Dog Days of Summer". Artist of the Month, AND Visiting Artist is Ashley Simons, a talented Contemporary Painter & Ceramicist

ARTery Gallery NEW Exhibit -Dog Days of Summer

The ARTery is a Co-Op Gallery of 16 Synergistic Creatives with everything from ceramics and woven textiles to fine art of all mediums and genre’ with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary on display.  This talented group of artists share a large gallery space located in the Front Street Building in downtown Dayton, Door B-C, on the 3rd floor. 

The NEW Members Exhibit on display for August is “Dog Days of Summer”.  And, this month,  the NEW Visiting Artist, and NEW Highlighted Artist of the Month at the ARTery Gallery is Ashley Simons, a multitalented contemporary painter and ceramicist.  We hope you will come meet Ashley, a hidden treasure at the ARTery First Friday, August 5th, from 5 - 9 pm, or 3rd Sunday, August 21st from 11am - 4pm.   Her wonderful paintings and creative ceramics will be on display both inside the Gallery as well as on one of the outside walls of the Gallery.

Ashley Simons is a funny, shy, yet very talented ceramic artist at the ARTery Gallery.  Simons is well known in our area for creating gorgeous geode pots whose clay formed projections are not only unique but quite eye catching.  Her geode pots are a labor of love as she fires them in a hot kiln three different times, once at a very high temperature after her clay pot is dry, a second time after she has painted one or more glazes on it, and then a 3rd time at a lower temperature to literally turn the glazed geode tips into 14 karat gold.   After the third firing, the artist often glues colorful accents of large flakes of colored glitter in the area surrounding the emerging geode structures.

In addition to Simons Geode pottery, the artist also makes a variety of other pots including Buddha head pottery, and still other fun pottery with abstract faces painted on them.  Simons also created a variety of ceramic wall hangings with patterns of various moon phases as well.  Her creativity knows no end and she is always trying something new with her ceramics.  The artist began her working with ceramics since 2017.

Simons is also a wonderful contemporary painter who has exhibited her paintings in various galleries since 2011.  She most often enjoys painting with rich, bright, often sheer, transparent veils of colors.  This untitled painting by Ashley Simons, is a small representation of a palette she commands, with subjects that are abstract, yet the forms appear almost floral in nature.  The artist seems to caress the petals of an imaginary flower using her paint and brushes to glide across her canvas.  She captures the essence of the fragile beauty she sees in her mind and shares the gentle beauty deep in her soul through her gentle yet intentional strokes of paint as it releases from the bristles of her brush.  With the colors of the rainbow the artist’s creative mind knows no bounds and her paintings are full of color and beauty.

Simons said she loves trying new things and often absorbs many new ideas and skills while participating in various online art classes and tutorial both in painting and pottery.  The artist is grateful for many kind people who have shared their knowledge and skills with admirers like herself on the internet.  Simons particularly loves nature and animals as they are a reminder of the beautiful world we live in, and her work is inspired by the limitless colors and forms that are a reflection of nature.

Simons has lived in downtown Dayton for over 15 years and works at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  As a child, she loved to draw and paint, and what began as a hobby quickly became a passion for this young artist.  Simons currently works part time so she has more time to pursue her love of art, and she brightens the world through her work. 

*The ARTery Gallery currently has Artists and Artisans with work on display including Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil Painting, Encaustic, Fine Art Photography, Photography, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Ceramics, Jewelry, Fiber Art and Sculpture. Open Each Month 1st Friday 5-9  and 3rd Sunday, 11-4.

*Current ARTery Artists include:  Fabienne Bee, Alison Bour, Rosalie Campbell, Samantha Farkas, Bob Farley, Charlene Fox, Jim Hayes, Mikee Huber, Bonnie Kuntz, Sarah Maxwell, Melanie Morrett, Ashley Simons, Ryan Taylor, Jo Anne Vincent, Leonard Williams, and David Zawisa.

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  • Event Venue:

    The ARTery at Front Street
    1001 E. Second Street
    Dayton, OH 
    The ARTery is a spacious COOP Art Gallery with 15+ talented and fun loving artists and artisans. Painting, photography, printmaking, pottery, weaving, n jewelry. Styles- traditional to contemporary.

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