Visit the ARTery Gallery in June

last updated 05/17/2023
Visit the ARTery Gallery in June

The gallery welcomes their NEW Visiting for June and July, Ginny Baughman, who specializes in drawing and painting local landscapes and landmarks.

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Address: 1001 E. Second Street, Dayton, OH 45402 [Map/directions]
Event has passed (Sun, Jun 18 2023)
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Cost: FREE

ARTery Gallery June News

The ARTery is a large Co-Op Gallery with 16 talented artists and artisans located in the Front Street Building in downtown Dayton. The gallery welcomes their NEW Visiting for June and July, Ginny Baughman, who specializes in drawing and painting local landscapes and landmarks. The gallery’s NEW Member Artist of the Month is David Zawisa, a fascinating, multi-faceted artist with new work on display.  The ARTery invites you to come meet these artists and see their unique bodies of work this month at the Gallery, open First Friday from 5-9 pm and 3rd Sunday from 12-4 pm throughout the year. 

David Zawisa is a self-proclaimed “eclectic” artist experimenting with a large variety of artistic disciplines including sculpture, 3D Art, Mixed media, and paintings created using a variety of mediums, and styles. His paintings range in style from hyper-realism like the featured painting “Waterworks”, to landscapes that would be categorized more as American Expressionism or Romanticism in style and genre.  His sculptures and Mixed media pieces are equally unique from conception to the finished work.

Most of Zawisa’s art projects start as ideas that come to him in the middle of the night, typically at 3 am.  The artist gets out of bed while things are fresh on his mind and records as much detail as he can remember.  Then, at a later time, He runs those same ideas through a simple filter and filing system: trash, save for later, or start immediately. With the artist’s creative juices flowing, and a clear design in mind, he sets aside a block of time to begin his newest work of art.  Other times, the artist is inspired and motivated by observing the works of other artists.  Zawisa methodically studies the artist’s background and techniques and attempts to recreate what he thinks the original artist intended to accomplish through their work.

While Zawisa doesn’t mind close scrutiny of his work, he prefers to display his work in galleries and similar venues as opposed to exhibits that are competitive and judged on how skillfully or creatively the artist has created the work.  He believes the highest value or worth of his art is based on the appreciation of, or value perceived by his many patrons, not because a judge deemed it worthy to receive an award.  The artist shared the greatest accolade he receives as an artist is when a patron shares how it has moved and touched their souls, and of course their purchase of it is simply icing on the cake.   The artist shared he primarily displays his work at the ARTery Gallery because he enjoys the energy at Front Street along with a host of other creatives.

The artist currently enjoys dual residency between Ohio and Florida where he returned from his most recent trip to the Sunshine State.  Zawisa painted several new paintings while there and they are on display for the first time at The ARTery Gallery at Front Street so the Gallery hopes you can take time out to come meet  Zawisa as well as Ginny Baughman, and see their new work.

The ARTery at Front Street

Visit the ARTery Gallery in June is taking place at The ARTery at Front Street, which is located at 1001 E. Second Street in Dayton. The ARTery at Front Street - The ARTery is a CO-OP Art Gallery with 16 talented and fun loving artists and artisans. Painting, photography, pottery, weaving, wood, EcoPrinting and jewelry. - read more
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