Breath Experiencing Facilitator Training

Breath Experiencing Facilitator Training

In this facilitator immersion, you will explore breath practices, both from the lens of personal embodiment and as a guide.

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Address: 400 Linden Ave, Dayton, OH 45403 [Map/directions]

Breath Experiencing Facilitator Training


Initial Week ~ Deep Immersion: 9a-5p

May 13 - May 19 (Mon-Sun)

Lab Days: 9a-5p

Sat - June 15

Sat - July 13

Sun - Aug 4

Sun - Sep 22

Sun - Oct 6

*Lab days include student-led (public) community class from 4-5pm*

Practicum Weekend: 9a-5p

Nov 2 & Nov 3 (Sat & Sun)

*All classes are 9a-5p*

*Total of 14 days, 100 contact hours, over the course of 6 months.

In this facilitator immersion, you will explore breath practices, both from the lens of personal embodiment and as a guide. We will approach using both left and right brain practices… with purposeful discipline as well as with gentle observation and wonder. Breathwork is a simple and fun technology used to calm the nervous system, focus the intellect, deepen the intuition, meet the witness existing behind it all. It is an essential tool to dive deeper into yoga's subtler practices and philosophy.

This training is divided into three parts: an initial Immersion Week, Lab Days, and a final Practicum Weekend.

An initial seven-day immersion week provides a deep dive into theory, energetics, and practices.

Then our five recurring lab days (one weekend day a month, for five months) will give the students an opportunity for a home practice to develop, as well as assimilation of material. At each lab day there will be continued education (practices and discussion) with an opportunity to practice teaching on their peers, receiving feedback if desired, and will end with a student-lead public donation-based Breath Experiencing Class. 

The final Practicum Weekend occurs after lab days have been completed. This is where each student will lead their own full length (60 min) breath class. Practicum Weekend classes are community/donation-based; friends and family are welcome and encouraged! During our final weekend together, we will also cover an integration plan, taking this work out into the world, and turning your individual breath experiencing skills into viable financial abundance. All class days are 9a-5pm.  

In this training we will cover: 

-Physical anatomy of the breath (organs/muscles/bones, respiratory & nervous system)  

-Classical pranayama practices to create a specific change or shift in the body (reduce anxiety, cool the body, energize the body, stabilize the mind, strengthen the diaphragm, relieve constipation, encourage menses, increase joy, reduce blood pressure, cleanse the internal organs ...the list of super powers goes on and on)

-Bhakti breath practices (breath observation and devotional breathing) with the goal of engaging the soul

-The koshas, or layers of being (body/breath/mind/intuition/spirit) 

-The vayus, or the "winds" of the body the ways prana moves

-Energetics of the breath. You will come to know the hidden qualities of the inhale, exhale, & retention, as well as the science that supports it

-The architechture of the body: the ways posture (asana) and breath combine, and creating restorative set ups that truly support the body

-The wisdom of community with space to reflect on practices and experiences together

-Leading breathwork for large groups, small groups, and individual sessions

-Yoga theory including Samkyha, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

-Hands on assists

-Supportive somatic release through props and intentional postures

-Synchronized breath (and sampling Tantric practices) 

-Incorporating sound, scent and movement 

*Each student will receive a Facilitator Training Manual that doubles as an invaluable compendium of practices for future use.

Prana is the life force that travels along the breath. To sit with the breath is to sit with the essence of life itself. To control the breath is to directly influence & control our immediate well-being. Through the breath we have the chance to witness the vital life force in the body; the animating source behind our life. To me, this is the same as witnessing Spirit (whether you know that to be God/Goddess or Great Mystery), and when facilitating breathwork for someone, it is the gift of unconditional presence. Every future moment of your life will be spent breathing. If you fall in love with the breath, then you’ll come to experience respiration as inspiration.

At the close of the training you will have been given the tools to confidently lead pranayama and breath experiencing for groups or private clients. Teaching others to fall in love with this simple quality of being alive is a gift that will keep on giving, and consistently multiplies in dividends. 


Standard Pricing: $1850 which includes a $300 non-refundable deposit required at registration. Remaining balance to be paid with an monthly payment plan.

Must be paid in full by final practicum weekend: Nov 2, 2024. 

Single Payment Pricing: $1500 (paid in full) 18%

If your financial situation is prohibitive to attending, please inquire for partial tuition assistance by April 15th, 2024. Assistance is available but limited. *Any inquiries received after April 15 will be declined. 

Registration closes May 1st, 2024

Led by Sam Spychalla

Temple of the Rebel Goddess

Breath Experiencing Facilitator Training is taking place at Temple of the Rebel Goddess, which is located at 400 Linden Ave in Dayton. Temple of the Rebel Goddess - Imagine a self-serve sacred coffee shop, where everything is donation based, and where you can cultivate your relationship to the Divine. Do your work, your art, or offer devotion to the deities.

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