The bluebells at Aullwood Garden are in full bloom

last updated 04/13/2024
The bluebells at Aullwood Garden are in full bloom

Virginia bluebells are blooming now at Aullwood Garden MetroPark! Take a walk along the mile-long garden path and witness hillsides carpeted in these stunning spring wildflowers.

The bluebells at Aullwood Garden are in full bloom

Spring has sprung at Aullwood Garden MetroPark, and with it, a breathtaking display of wildflowers. But the true stars of the show are undoubtedly the Virginia bluebells, currently bursting into their peak bloom, so hurry while they last!

Imagine strolling along a mile-long garden path, winding through vibrant gardens, cool woods, and a sunny prairie. This is the experience that awaits visitors to Aullwood Garden MetroPark.  But if you hurry, you'll get to experience a truly magical sight – tens of thousands of Virginia bluebells carpeting the hillsides in a sea of sapphire.

Bluebells at Aullwood Gardens

These delicate flowers aren't just beautiful, they're also a testament to the park's history.  Aullwood Gardens began as the private haven of Marie Aull, who nurtured the land and its flora for decades. In 1977, she generously donated her garden and home to Five Rivers MetroParks, transforming it into the public treasure it is today.

Virginia Bluebells at Aullwood Gardens in Dayton

So, if you're looking for a dose of spring magic, lace up your walking shoes and head to Aullwood Garden MetroPark. Get lost in the vibrant blooms and experience the tranquility of this living work of art.  

How long will they stay in bloom?  It mostly depends on the weather, and while bluebells are pretty resilient, they are already in peak bloom this week, so head out soon for the best views!

Aullwood Garden MetroPark is located at 955 Aullwood Road in Englewood.

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