5 dishes you've got to try this Summer Restaurant Week

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last updated 07/20/2017
5 dishes you've got to try this Summer Restaurant Week

Here are five things you've got to try that you won't forget.

5 dishes you've got to try this Summer Restaurant Week

Prime Time Party Rental was aglitter for Restaurant Week preview night.  It only makes sense. Since Amy Zahora began building Restaurant Week, the preview event has grown from a low-key food fest to the point that the house is packed with hundreds and hundreds of hungry Daytonians looking to try something new.

It’s something to be proud of too, the energy in the room is palpable.

Dayton’s best chefs returned this year toting another chance to cook up something new. Summertime comfort foods looks to be a theme as just about everyone took a classic dish and added a little flare to it.

Five things to try during restaurant week

El Meson - Restaurant Week

Jamaican Jerk Pork

That nice jerk rub is filled with tangy spices, and the soft pork makes for a perfect bite! Served with a nice cilantro-accented rice. Bill Castro always knows how to find another wonderful taste from the Americas that is so darn comforting.  

Only at El Meson.


Roost - Restaurant WeekBraised Pork with Appel Fennel Slaw and Cacio e pepe mac and cheese

Like so many other dishes Dana Downs has crafted at her two restaurants, this one is a familiar dish with a huge upgrade. That oh-so-mild slaw and the mac and cheese (cacio e pepe is a cheesy and slightly peppery dish) makes for something filling and wonderful meal.  

Be sure to visit Roost Italian.


Basils - Restaurant Week Pan Seared Grouper

There was a line to grab this dish all night! Served topped with a slight coconut curry sauce and a mango salsa (not too spicy!) and served on a bed of rice and grains. That distinct spicy taste of curry with the sweetness of the mango? Love it.  

Find it at Basil’s on Market.


Cocos - Restaurant WeekSpinach and Pickled Strawberry Salad

There’s always a great salad to try at Coco’s, and this time that salad is topped with vinegar, a bit of cheese and strawberries! Spry to be sure.

Coco’s Bistro should definitely be on your radar.


Wheat Penny - Restaurant WeekSesame soy braised pork belly with corn crema

A little bit of an Asian-themed pork dish, that creamy roasted corn really makes it!  

Make plans to visit Wheat Penny Oven & Bar.

Visit our Guide to Restaurant Week for a list of all participating restaurants with complete menus.

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