Local Restaurateur Terry Smith Passes Away

last updated 02/28/2024
Local Restaurateur Terry Smith Passes Away

Terry Smith, the visionary behind the popular biker bar Jackass Flats has died. Smith leaves behind a legacy of creativity, hospitality and community spirit.

Local Restaurateur Terry Smith Passes Away

The Dayton community is mourning the loss of Terry Smith, a beloved figure who left a lasting impact on the city's bar scene. Smith, who passed away recently, was the visionary behind Jackass Flats, a popular biker bar and restaurant that transformed a historic barn on Rip Rap Road.

"We are sad to announce the passing of Terry Smith, the man that created Jackass Flats," a social media post from the current establishment, Rip Rap Roadhouse, stated. "Without Terry's vision, the barn built in 1853 that used to be McNasty's back in the 80's would have simply degraded until it would have had to be torn down."

Smith's vision in the late 1980s not only preserved a piece of Dayton history but also fostered a vibrant community for motorcycle enthusiasts. Jackass Flats became known for its welcoming atmosphere and "the biggest and best weekly bike night in the Midwest," according to the Rip Rap Roadhouse post.

Smith's influence extended beyond Jackass Flats. The post continues, "If you've ever had a good time at Jackass Flats or the Rip Rap Roadhouse, Terry Smith is responsible. Without Jackass Flats there wouldn't be a Rip Rap Roadhouse."

Smith  was known for his warm personality and ability to connect with people. One reply to the post read "Terry Smith was ONE HELL OF A MAN, friend & boss. He will definitely be missed."  Another read "He was a great boss and friend he will be missed!".

"Terry was known and loved by many," the post concluded. "It is a sad day and our condolences go out to his friends and family."

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