Sunrise Cafe Restaurant Week Menu

last updated 07/23/2020
Sunrise Cafe Restaurant Week Menu

Sunrise Cafe Summer Restaurant Week Menu 2020

Sunrise Cafe Restaurant Week Menu

Sunrise Café Restaurant Week 2020 - A Taste of Korea!


Kim Chi Pancakes
Our house made kim chi mixed in a batter and crisped up on the griddle. Topped with a basil-lime butter.

(v,gf)Tomato Salad
Meaty local organic tomatoes in all their glory sliced, laid out on local organic lettuce and drizzled with a dressing of tamari, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and rice vinegar. Garnished with onions.

(gf)Corn Cheese
Fresh local sweet corn sautéed in Amish butter with bell pepper. Finished with mozzarella and mayo. Garnished with green onions.


(gf)Korean BBQ Short Ribs Bibimbap with Pickled Ramps
Keener farm beef short ribs are braised until melt in your mouth tender in our Korean BBQ sauce made with chiles, tamari, rice vinegar, ginger and garlic. Organic brown rice is crisped up and topped with thinly sliced short rib, carrots, cabbage, green beans, cucumber, a fried egg and our sesame ginger chili sauce. Garnished with pickled ramps. 30.20

(gf)Sockeye Salmon with Gochujang Aioli and Sesame Green Beans
Wild caught Alaskan Sockeye salmon is seared until the skin is crisp, medium and flaky. Served on a bed of organic brown rice with local green beans sautéed in sesame oil. Finished with a creamy, spicy Korean chili sauce aioli. 30.20

(v,gf)Korean BBQ Tofu with Local Green Beans
Organic tofu sautéed in our sweet, savory and spicy Korean BBQ sauce along with local green beans. Served over organic brown rice and garnished. 25.20


(gf) Steamed Stuffed Pear
A red pear hollowed and out stuffed with walnuts, honey, ginger and jujube dates then steamed until tender. Served chilled in its own syrup

(v,gf) Chapssal Doughnuts
Sweet chewy rice flour doughnuts stuffed with sweet red bean paste with a touch of vanilla and maple syrup.

Sunrise Cafe.

Sunrise Cafe - At our cozy little cafe in Yellow Springs, we believe in locally produced and organic food prepared from scratch, by hand and with love.

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