Esthers Lil Secret: Warped Wing cans new holiday beer

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 10/25/2015
Esthers Lil Secret: Warped Wing cans new holiday beer

Dayton's beer and chocolate connoisseurs collaborate again for Christmas.

Esthers Lil Secret: Warped Wing cans new holiday beer

For the second year, Dayton favorites Warped Wing Brewing Company and Esther Price Candies, famous for their premium chocolates, are teaming up again to offer another collaborative holiday brew. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to question brew master John Haggerty about the brewery’s collaboration with Esther Price last Friday evening. Though John was willing to share that this year’s brew will make use of Esther’s Milk Chocolate rather than caramel, he was tight lipped about the type of brew, so I had to turn to the internet for that.

According to, this year’s version of the beer is described as a Milk Chocolate Brown Ale with twists and turns of chocolate and toasted malt weighing in at 8% ABV and 30 IBU. The secret is further illuminated on the can itself:

"Esther Price has a dream. To open a store. And share with the world her made-by-hand, made-with-love confections. So for 30 years, to the bliss of taste-testers, otherwise known as family and friends, she perfected a timeless selection of delectable confections. In 1952, the doors to her first store in Dayton, Ohio swung open. And the world rushed in. Esther’s chocolates quickly became, and remain, the Midwest’s most beloved. Her Secret? Some things are better sipped than said. Esther’s Li’l Secret. A Milk Chocolate Brown Ale with twists and turns through tones of chocolate. And sweet whispers of toasted malt. What’s your dream?"

John did say they’ve made  a much larger batch this year and they hope to release Esther’s Lil Secret around Thanksgiving. 

Warped Wing Brewing Company.

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