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Dayton Ohio - Tactical Breath-Explorer Summer Series W/ Sam

Tactical Breath-Explorer Summer Series W/ Sam
Past Event - Tuesday, June 6, 2023
This page may be updated if the event is repeated
Temple of the Rebel Goddess
400 Linden Ave, (Suite 245) Dayton, OH 45403 [map it]

Spend your Tuesday evenings in June as a tactical explorer, navigating the wild terrain of the breath.

Tactical Breath-Explorer Summer Series W/ Sam

Spend your Tuesday evenings in June as a tactical explorer, navigating the wild terrain of the breath. Learn the ins and outs of leveraging the breath as a tool to meet any need in your daily life. Discover the breath as your constant companion and the body’s intrinsic compass to the nervous system.

Prana is the vital life force that flows on the breath; explorers will experience many different ways of engaging with the subtle power of prana to experience a desired result. You will learn how to use the breath as a tool to calm and soften, to enliven, to surrender, to remember, to ground, to activate, to empower, to witness, and more. Over the course of our four weeks together (a total of 6 contact hours) you'll become deliberate and skillful in self-directed tactical breathing, or purposeful breathing. If you’re tired at 3 pm, you can drink a cup of coffee …or… you could practice 3 mins of an energizing breath. The energy borrowed from caffeine is a debt you will have to pay later, but energy sourced from the breath is paid forward the moment you call upon it.

We will cover the physical and subtle anatomy of the breath and respiration cycle. It is important to know both the physical science of breathing as well as the intuitive and ancient wisdom of the breath, as presented in Vedic texts.

Each explorer will receive:
-An understanding of the vayus (winds of the body, or ways in which prana can move), the koshas (layers of energetic bodies), physical anatomy, and classical Samkhya (philosophy of Vedic metaphysics)
-A workbook to use during our gatherings
-A compendium of practices for future use
-Recorded practices for weekly use (1-5 minutes long for an accessible daily practice)
-Optional but encouraged: Accountability partners for daily practice will be given to those who desire them

Each gathering will include:
-Receiving a juicy breath practice with props and ample support
-Discussion of a topic of focus, context for exploration
-Time for reflection and shared integration

Each explorer is expected to:
-Approach the breath from a sense of play and curiosity. This is not forceful breath control or austere discipline, this is body kindness and deepening awareness
-Commit to completing a daily practice (1-5 minutes) as homework between gatherings

It’s a series applicable to anyone, regardless of proficiency or background. The only requirement is that you are breathing.

Led by Sam Spychalla

Investment: $108

Supported pricing is available via the honor system in a very limited quantity for those in true need. This option is for folks who would not be able to attend the gathering with standard pricing. If supported pricing is needed, we encourage you to make your purchase as soon as possible before these spaces are depleted. Please book with the regular option if that is affordable to you… abundance is attracted to those who let it flow.

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  • Event Venue:

    Temple of the Rebel Goddess
    Imagine a self-serve sacred coffee shop, where everything is donation based, and where you can cultivate your relationship to the Divine. Do your work, your art, or offer devotion to the deities.

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