A Natural Vaccine for Allergies
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A Natural Vaccine for Allergies

A Natural Vaccine for Allergies
BY Emily Browning | Thursday, August 15, 2013

Every year I am plagued by allergies, and every year I swear it only gets worse. I was skeptical of this natural remedy, but within days, I was able to quit taking the steroids and antihistamines that I have taken for the last 20 years.

Every year I am plagued by allergies, and every year I swear it only gets worse. I spend all winter praying for spring and when she arrives all is well. It's the moment right before her sister, summer, is about to make her appearance that things get ugly in a hurry.

My eyes feel as if there are sand in them. My nose flows like Niagara Falls, and my throat feels like I swallowed a razor blade. All of this, paired with the giant bags under my bloodshot eyes make me think to myself: "Wow, I look hot!" Not! Welcome to Ohio, the allergy capital of the world!

The only thing uglier than the bags under my eyes are the amount of steroids and antihistamines that I must take in order to simply breathe. Recently I was discussing my drug reservations with my doctor when he mentioned he had read that one of the best ways to combat allergies naturally was to add several tablespoons of honey, produced locally, to one's diet. I was skeptical, but thought I would give it a try.

My doctor explained it like this: Honey contains many of the pollen spores that plague chronic allergy sufferers. By eating small amounts of honey daily, you are introducing your body to the spores in small increments thus forcing the body to decrease it's immune response and helping to build immunity to the pollen that surrounds you. In essence the honey works much like a vaccine would!

I looked up local apiaries online, chose one as close as possible to my house and picked up a bottle of raw, unpasteurized, liquid gold. And do you know what?! Within days my allergy symptoms had almost completely subsided! Just like there are neigh sayers about many natural remedies, there are people who don't believe it is possible to treat pollen allergies with honey though, stating that it's nothing but a placebo effect. I have to disagree with them. The proof for me is in the fact I was able to quit taking the steroids and antihistamines that I have taken for the last 20 years. Those results are the only things that that make my eyes water nowadays!

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About Emily Browning

On The Urban Farm

Emily is a native of Tipp City, where she lives with her partner (The Reluctant Farmer) and teenage daughter. Together they have created an urban homestead, living off food produced right from their own backyard.

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