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On The Urban Farm

On The Urban Farm

Emily is a native of Tipp City, where she lives with her partner (The Reluctant Farmer) and teenage daughter. Together they have created an urban homestead, living off food produced right from their own backyard.

Emily blogs all about the successes (and failures!) of living a more sustainable lifestyle On The Urban Farm and on Facebook. Where squash bugs and humor are never in short supply, life is never boring on the urban farm!


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What Gift Did You Most Want As A Child - That You Never Received?

12/24/2015 - With the season of wonder and awe surrounding us, I encourage you to take a moment, and have a little child-like fun. You will only regret not doing it! - Read More

In Consideration of Moms

5/9/2015 - I decided, right there in Aisle 11, to stop judging that woman. Don’t judge, give grace. - Read More

Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

3/4/2015 - Carbon monoxide poisoning has tragically taken three children from our community. Please take precautions to keep yourself and your family safe. - Read More

Snow Day Superstitions

2/6/2014 - Katzya informed me there was indeed a sure fire way to get a snow day, but you must follow these instructions very carefully and in order! - Read More

Remember To Look Around You

12/11/2013 - I saw her on the corner of a fairly busy road, holding a sign. Her cheeks were red from the wind hitting them, and her children were hopping up and down trying to stay warm. - Read More

Letterboxing: Your Family's Next Big Adventure

11/2/2013 - At my house we love fun activities we can do as a family, and if they're free?! Even better! Several years ago my family discovered letterboxing, and it has been one of the most fun activities we've ever participated in together. - Read More

A Natural Vaccine for Allergies

8/15/2013 - Every year I am plagued by allergies, and every year I swear it only gets worse. I was skeptical of this natural remedy, but within days, I was able to quit taking the steroids and antihistamines that I have taken for the last 20 years. - Read More

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