Wingfest Names Best Chicken Wings in Dayton

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 07/10/2016
Wingfest Names Best Chicken Wings in Dayton

It's all over but the crying; the 6th Annual Kickin' Chicken Wingfest is in the history books. Read on to find out who won.

Wingfest Names Best Chicken Wings in Dayton

A record number of people turned out on the most beautiful day we’ve had all summer to enjoy fantastic live music and taste a variety of wings, sauces, and sides. I chair danced thru 2nd Wind Live’s entire set while tasting, they had everyone moving!

Thirteen local competitors rose to the challenge, putting their best wings and sides in front of 6 local judges. Returning competitors this year were: Nick’s Restaurant, The Amber Rose, The Dock, Archers Tavern, Romer’s Bar & Grill, Basil’s on Market, Giovanni’s, 1776 Grill, and Pies & Pints. Four new contenders put their “hat in the ring” this year: El Meson, Nelly’s, Double D’s BBQ, and Park City Club.  

Judging Wingfest is a hoot; everyone wants to know whose wings are best; sometimes before the first bite. Each item has only a number when we get them, so judges have no idea who submitted the item or won until it’s over. All 13 participants submitted entries for Best Wing and Best Sauce, 4 for Best Boneless, 8 for Best Side, and 6 for Hottest Wing. Fortunately, the hot wings get judged last in the event they render the taste buds useless.

Who are the WINNERS?

Pies & Pints took home the Best Wing plaque for the 3rd straight year. Their grilled wing was sensational straight off the grill.

Newcomer Park City Club took Best Sauce honors with a flavorful Ginger Teriyaki Sauce. Perhaps a nod to Amber Rose’s 2015 winning Sweet and Spicy Thai sauce?

Basils on Market earned the Best Boneless award with a dry seasoning, a departure from Romer’s 2015 Asian style sweet and sour sauce winner.

Corn on the Cob from Basil’s on Market came closest to a sweep winning 4 of 6 votes for Best Side Dish, emerging victorious over Nick’s 2015 winning Fried Green Tomato. The Turkey Ball spoke to the gravy lover in a couple of us, but alas the grilled corn won out.

Basil’s on Market came to win, and win they did. Their peppery oil loaded Habanero Sauce lingered on the tongue and lips meriting the Hottest Wing Plaque. Romer’s 2015 winning submission took my breath away last year ~ fortunately no one submitted a fiery inferno to rival it this year. Kudos to judge Dave Ball for bringing ice cream rather than milk this year to squelch the fire for the faint of tongue.

Best Decorated Booth went to The Dock again in 2016. They take a lot of pride in their appearance; it must take a separate truck to transport the decorations!

In the popularity contest, Nick’s fans secured the People’s Choice for Best Damn Wing for the 6th straight year by submitting one vote more than Romer’s fans. (Nick’s & Romer’s tied in 2015)

Congratulations Team MVRA; they triumphed over the Fraze Team by eating 30 pounds of wings in 2 minutes 45 seconds in the wing eating contest!

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