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Rockstar Pro Wrestling

Rockstar Pro Wrestling
Michael Woody
Sunday, August 4, 2013

Where else can you see 300 pound men in tights, women pulling each other's hair and the audience united in synchronized chants... besides the Jerry Springer Show, the only place is professional wrestling.

Rockstar Pro Wrestling

Where else can you see 300 pound men in tights, women pulling each other's hair, and the audience united in synchronized chants...  besides the Jerry Springer Show, the only place is professional wrestling. For some its viewed as a terrible form of acting, while for others wrestling is the ultimate display of physicality between good and evil. Personally, I'm in the latter group that has watched professional wrestling religiously since before the invention of remote controls. I grew up not wanting to tickle Elmo, but to body slam Hulk Hogan. Despite my fondness for the sport (Yes, I call it a sport) I just recently discovered that Dayton is the home of Rockstar Pro Wrestling. The promotion puts on highly spirited matches every Wednesday night and the first Friday of every month at their facility at 1106 E. Third St.

Without all the pyrotechnics and visual effects found in the big leagues, the grapplers of Rockstar pretty much equal the WWE Superstars in physical ability. Upon entering the Rockstar arena I was prepared for some backyard type wrestling, but the actions exceeded the surroundings, by far. It's like being served a gourmet meal in a dungy shack. If the food is good, it doesn't matter where you're eating it. Rockstar serves a buffet of quality wrestling.

Regardless of what the naysayer's claim, wrestling requires a tremendous amount of physical strength and skill. It's not easy to be kicked in the head or hit with a flying elbow off the top rope, even if you do know it's coming. There's a lot that goes into creating a great match, many elements that wrestling's harshest critics never consider. It really is much more than two half naked guys rolling around together. For one, it takes great precision to make the moves appear believable and both participants have to sell the move, but without overdoing it. A head butt can make the recipient weary but not cause a seizure. Also, it's crucial that the wrestlers form a connection with the crowd. Whether a fan favorite or a despised villain the crowd becomes emotionally invested by having someone to cheer or jeer.

In addition to the action inside of the ring, the crowd at a Rockstar event provides bonus entertainment. There are some really dedicated fans who take it very seriously. Watching a grown man, old enough to almost be on social security, yell obscenities in the face of a muscle bound wrestler is an admirable sight. The crowd also has a variety of chants, which adds to energy level.

For first timers to the Rockstar arena, be warned that without any air-conditioning it can get pretty warm inside. Also, unless you arrive early, might want to bring your own seat. Take it from me, who had to stand during the entire event.

Rockstar wrestling truly is a great entertainment value, especially for fans of the sport. Live action can be seen every Wednesday for $5 and the first Friday of every month for $10, at 1106 E. Third Street. Go to for more information or find Rockstar Pro Wrestling on Facebook.

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Michael Woody
Mike Woody is a life long resident of Dayton, and has a passion for writing, which is good because he doesn't excel at much of anything else, except eating.
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