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Michael Woody

Mike Woody is a life long resident of Dayton, and has a passion for writing, which is good because he doesn't excel at much of anything else, except eating.

Woody has written for small-town newspapers since 2006 and has a degree in Creative Writing from Wright State University. (Perhaps something in the medical field would have been a better choice, but he passes out at the sight of blood). Woody enjoys going to the theatre, comedy clubs, festivals and anywhere else where he can get into for free as a member of the press. You can contact Woody at mwoody1976@gmail.com.


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Remembering Dr. Creep

10/29/2023 - Though he passed away back in 2011, the presence of Barry Lee Hobart, better known as Dr. Creep, is still felt by many, especially around Halloween. - Read More

5 Haunted Places Around Dayton

10/21/2023 - Mysterious local tales that will give you the chills. Could these be the most haunted places around Dayton? - Read More

Review: ‘Grumpy Old Men: The Musical’

9/27/2023 - Mike Woody reviews ‘Grumpy Old Men: The Musical’ at La Comedia Dinner Theatre - Read More

Review: Just Desserts at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

9/7/2023 - ‘Just Desserts’ contains all the ingredients of an enjoyable treat. - Read More

Small-town writer makes big-screen dreams reality

8/26/2023 - Small-town Miamisburg native Jacob Stuart talks about upcoming major releases and his journey to becoming a Hollywood screenwriter and producer. - Read More

The first Buc-ee's in Ohio is coming to Huber Heights

8/11/2023 - There are moments in life that will always be remembered, including my wedding day, the birth of my children, and first time at Buc-ee's. - Read More

Review: Cinderella at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

6/28/2023 - Mike Woody reviews Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella—at La Comedia Dinner Theatre now through August 6 - Read More

Review: Escape to Margaritaville at LaComedia

5/22/2023 - Mike Woody reviews: Jimmy Buffett's Escape to Margaritaville - at LaComedia Dinner Theatre now through June 18 - Read More

Review: Sleuth at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

4/5/2023 - Right when you think it’s all figured out, think again! Mike Woody reviews "Sleuth" now through May 7 at La Comedia Dinner Theatre. - Read More

Local WWII hero celebrates 100th birthday

4/2/2023 - World War II veteran US Army MSgt. Richard Gard turns 100 years old on April 6—family and friends encouraging the local community to send birthday cards. - Read More

Review: Little Women: The Broadway Musical

2/24/2023 - Mike Woody reviews 'Little Women: The Broadway Musical' now at La Comedia Dinner Theatre though March 26. - Read More

Celebrate regional cinema this weekend at the historic Plaza Theatre

2/13/2023 - The work of area filmmakers will be celebrated at the first Catalano Film Festival this Saturday at the historic Plaza Theatre in Miamisburg. - Read More

Do You Remember the Great Blizzard of 1978?

1/22/2023 - The Great Blizzard of 1978 struck the Miami Valley with over 40 inches of snow. Over a foot of snow accumulated on January 26th alone. - Read More

Review: 'White Christmas' at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

11/10/2022 - Mike Woody reviews the theatrical adaptation of the classic movie 'White Christmas' at La Comedia Dinner Theatre now through December. - Read More

Haunted Dayton: 7 True Ghost Stories

10/5/2022 - Do you believe in ghosts? If not, there are some places in Dayton that could change your mind. - Read More

Review: Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?

9/22/2022 - Mike Woody reviews latest show at La Comedia Dinner Theatre - ‘Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?’ - Read More

Concerts by Candlelight are coming to Dayton

7/6/2022 - A unique musical experience in a visually warming atmosphere is coming to Dayton after having enjoyed success in cities around the world like Paris, Barcelona and New York. - Read More

Review: Beauty and the Beast at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

6/9/2022 - Mike Woody reviews Beauty and the Beast, now at La Comedia Dinner Theatre through July 24. - Read More

Review: The Music Man - La Comedia Dinner Theatre

4/13/2022 - "I give The Music Man a T for terrific, and T is in Tool that rhymes with fool, and you’d be a fool not to see it." - Mike Woody reviews The Music Man, now at La Comedia. - Read More

Come From Away is a must see show

4/8/2022 - Review: 'Come From Away' is a gripping, fast-paced journey with lots of hearty laughs mixed with tear jerking moments of sincere sadness. - Read More

Review: 'Dear Evan Hansen' is no ordinary musical

3/10/2022 - 'Dear Evan Hansen' is no ordinary musical, it's exceptionally superb and well worth the price of gas used to go see it. - Read More

Review: 'Hamilton' —Believe The Hype

1/29/2022 - Mike Woody reviews 'Hamilton', at the Schuster Center through February 6. - Read More

Review: Godspell at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

1/21/2022 - "Attending ‘Godspell’ at La Comedia is a rewarding experience on multiple levels." - Mike Woody - Read More

Review: Cirque Dreams Holidaze

12/21/2021 - "A show for all ages to enjoy that a whole family can make a Christmas memory with" ~Mike Woody - Read More

Treat yourself to a magical night of Christmas music

12/11/2021 - Treat yourself to a magical night of beloved Christmas music with ‘Seasons Greetings’ a live holiday musical cabaret. - Read More

Review: ‘A Christmas Story: The Musical’

11/10/2021 - Mike Woody reviews ‘A Christmas Story: The Musical’ now at La Comedia through December 30. - Read More

That Golden Girls Show! coming to Dayton

11/1/2021 - "Devoted fans and those new to the show alike, will be thoroughly entertained." That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody will be at the Victoria Theatre Nov 9. - Read More

Review: Footloose: The Musical at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

9/28/2021 - For most of 2020 there was a nationwide mandate against dancing. Imagine if it had been a permanent ban. Welcome to life in Bomont. - Read More

Five Questions With…Matthew West

9/3/2021 - A master comedian/storyteller Michael Jr. uses his gift of gab not only to humor listeners but also encourage them. - Read More

Review: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder

8/21/2021 - Mike Woody review 'A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder' - now at LaComedia Dinner Theatre through September 19. - Read More

10 Questions with Cheryl McHenry

8/19/2021 - To honor her four decades of covering the Miami Valley. Here are 10 Questions with…Cheryl McHenry. - Read More

Review: The Little Mermaid at La Comedia

7/5/2021 - It’s back to like old times at La Comedia, don’t miss the opportunity to dive in and experience ‘The Little Mermaid.’ - Read More

Beep Beep: The Roadrunner has roots in Dayton

6/10/2021 - Ever wonder where the Road Runner has been running to all these years? Perhaps the answer is Dayton. - Read More

Review: The Sound of Music at LaComedia

4/28/2021 - This production of ‘The Sound of Music’ is one of my favorite things, and with schnitzel too. - Read More

Review: The Church Basement Ladies

3/29/2021 - Mike Woody reviews 'The Church Basement Ladies', now at La Comedia Dinner Theatre through April 18. - Read More

Jessica Bettencourt: I Almost Cancelled

2/24/2021 - 'I Almost Canceled: Showing Up When Fear Tells You to Stay Home' is a guide on how to overcome self-doubt and build a life the reader desires to have. - Read More

Wanna hear a ghost story? Behind the Scenes with Gary at Dayton Live

12/7/2020 - Wanna hear a ghost story? We go behind the scenes of the fun, new "Behind the Scenes" videos with Gary Minyard at Dayton Live. - Read More

Review: A Christmas to Remember

11/9/2020 - ‘A Christmas to Remember’ is the perfect dose of needed cheer in this trying year, and is just in time for the holidays. - Read More

La Comedia to reopen with Christmas show

10/14/2020 - Just in time for the holiday season La Comedia Dinner Theatre is reopening to serve-up a taste of Broadway with an all new original production. - Read More

Malcolm MacLeod’s Clubhouse 22

9/24/2020 - Though he’s now a realtor in Palm Beach, Florida; many feel that Clubhouse 22, located in Dayton is Malcolm MacLeod’s most valuable property. - Read More

Mike Woody: Looking beyond the pandemic

8/19/2020 - Due to coronavirus, life in Dayton (and all around the world) has been less than normal. Here's what I'm looking forward to in 2021. - Read More

Listen to DeAnna Choi sing Colors of the Wind

7/27/2020 - If you saw the ‘The King & I’ at the Schuster Center last year, you might remember DeAnna Choi. - Read More

Dayton Radio Icons - DJs from the past

7/23/2020 - While their careers in radio have past, the voices of several former Dayton disc-jockeys remain in the minds of their many fans. - Read More

Dayton: A City of Inventors

6/25/2020 - Dayton: The birthplace of aviation and square cut pizza, but stepladders and ice cube trays? Who knew?! You won't believe what else! - Read More

Community theaters face an uncertain future

4/27/2020 - As Ohio contemplates lifting restrictions due to Covid-19, community theaters all over the Dayton area are facing an uncertain future. - Read More

Mission: Non-Essential. My Life in Pajamas

4/10/2020 - Social distancing with Zoom, Wine with DeWine, the perks of being non-essential and more. Mike Woody shares his experience of quarantine during Ohio's COVID19 stay-at-home order. - Read More

As scheduled Opening Day passes, we celebrate the Dayton Dragons

4/8/2020 - Due to COVID-19 and the stay-at-home-order in Ohio, the scheduled opening day for the Dayton Dragons 21st season will pass without a single called strike or passed ball. - Read More

The King and I - suspended

3/4/2020 - 'The King and I' Feb. 20 – Apr. 5, 2020 at La Comedia Dinner Theatre. - Read More

Memories of the Salem Mall

2/19/2020 - The memory may not be as fond as our first kiss, or car, but we all remember the first shopping mall we visited. I’m sure I’m not alone in that my introduction to shopping occurred at the Salem Mall. - Read More

The Simon & Garfunkel Story

2/4/2020 - Schuster Center Feb 09, 2020 - A moving and powerful concert featuring all the hits! - Read More

Nunsense at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

1/27/2020 - “Nunsense” at La Comedia Dinner Theatre Jan. 23 - Feb. 16, 2020. - Read More

Review: Rent 20th Anniversary Tour

1/23/2020 - Mike Woody reviews "Rent 20th Anniversary Tour", now at the Schuster Center through January 26. - Read More

Broadway in Dayton: RENT at the Schuster January 21-26

1/14/2020 - The 20th Anniversary Tour of ‘Rent’ is coming to Dayton’s Schuster Center, starring Aiyana Smash who ever so fittingly is also celebrating her second decade on earth. - Read More

Review: The SpongeBob Musical

11/21/2019 - Mike Woody reviews 'The SpongeBob Musical' - at The Schuster Center through this Sunday, November 24. - Read More

SpongeBob: The Musical now through this weekend at The Schuster

11/19/2019 - Audiences can take in all the sights and sounds of SpongeBob: The Musical at the Schuster Center, November 19-24. - Read More

Review: Once on This Island

10/24/2019 - Mike Woody reviews ‘Once on This Island’, which continues at the Schuster Center through October 27. - Read More

Disaster at La Comedia

9/26/2019 - La Comedia Dinner Theatre presents Broadway’s side-splitting homage to classic disaster films "Disaster" September 12 – November 3, 2019. - Read More

Dayton Tornado Relief Benefit Show featuring Christian Magician Brad Brown

9/11/2019 - Brad Brown, an internationally famous Christian magician, will perform a benefit show to support tornado relief efforts in Dayton. - Read More

Review: The Book of Mormon - at the Schuster this weekend

8/31/2019 - Hilarious, brilliant. ‘The Book of Mormon’ isn’t for everybody, but if you’ve seen any episode of South Park and liked it, this is the musical for you. - Read More

On Golden Pond at La Comedia

8/22/2019 - See the classic American comedy/drama "On Golden Pond" at La Comedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro Aug. 15 - Sep. 8, 2019. - Read More

Local Players Win National Title

8/7/2019 - Congratulations to the Cincy Flames, champions of the Cooperstown Dream Park Experience! - Read More

Dayton is crazy about mini-golf

6/26/2019 - Miniature golf, crazy golf, putt-putt golf... whatever you call them, these bizarre little mini-golf courses are lots of fun, and there's SIX around Dayton to swing by. - Read More

Preview: Waitress at The Schuster

6/11/2019 - A heaping dose of empowering music, mixed with a side of belly laughs and dramatic sentiment is served up in ‘Waitress.’ - Read More

Are your kids taking the Summer Challenge?

5/24/2019 - Children of all ages can enjoy outrageous adventures, fun-filled trips around the world and unforgettable characters this summer, just by reading books. - Read More

Disney’s Newsies at La Comedia

5/14/2019 - Stop the presses! This Disney film turned Tony-winning Broadway hit inspires everyone to fight for what’s right and seize the day. Disney’s "Newsies" at La Comedia Dinner Theatre. - Read More

Five Questions with Abby Cates

5/4/2019 - Raised in Dayton, Abby Cates became known around the world as a teenaged singing sensation from her appearance on ‘The Voice.’ Tonight, she's performing at the Arts Annex. - Read More

Where to Celebrate Record Store Day

4/9/2019 - National Record Store Day is this Saturday, and local record stores are celebrating with special festivities. - Read More

Review: Les Miserables

4/5/2019 - "While I’ve witnessed some great shows on the Schuster Center stage, none as exceptionally superb as this one." - Mike Woody - Read More


3/9/2019 - "The Emilio & Gloria Estefan Broadway Musical turned me into a fan." ~ Mike Woody - Read More

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

3/5/2019 - Enjoy La Comedia Dinner Theatre's delicious buffet, and the live production of the classic musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! - Read More

Gloria Estefan Broadway Musical Coming Dayton

2/26/2019 - On Your Feet! The Musical – The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan is coming to the Schuster March 5-10. - Read More

Review: The King and I

2/14/2019 - There is certainly more to hear than see in ‘The King and I.’ What this production lacks in set design and wardrobe, is made up for with dazzling vocals and brilliant performances. - Read More

'The King and I' Coming to The Schuster February 12-17

2/4/2019 - The next stop on Deanna Choi’s dream is at the Schuster Center as ‘ The King and I,’ will have performances February 12 – 17. - Read More

Review: 'Chicago' is in a league of its own

2/4/2019 - Consider yourself fortunate if you were able to see ‘Chicago’ during its two night stay at the Schuster Center. If not, don’t miss it next time. - Read More

Review: Almost Heaven: The Songs of John Denver

1/28/2019 - For those who are fans of his music, “Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver” is a must see and a fitting title as the show is close to paradise for them. - Read More

‘Chicago’ Coming to The Schuster February 1 & 2

1/28/2019 - “It’s a timeless theme, brilliant score, and beautiful choreography are all layered together to create a theatrical masterpiece” - ’Chicago,’ will be at the Schuster this weekend. - Read More

Review: ‘Finding Neverland’ flies into Dayton

1/17/2019 - Mike Woody says ‘Finding Neverland’ is a flawless production that should not be missed. - Read More

Young's celebrating 150th with $1.50 ice-cream, cheeseburgers, more

1/15/2019 - A look back on 150 years of Young's Jersey Dairy as they celebrate with several menu items priced at $1.50. - Read More

Finding Neverland Coming to The Schuster January 15-20

1/9/2019 - With the experiences had from being in “Finding Neverland,” Erdley is a young boy who never wants to grow up. - Read More

Grand Opening Weekend for the PNC Arts Annex

11/29/2018 - The Victoria Theatre Association (VTA) is proud to announce the opening of the PNC Arts Annex that will be celebrated with a Grand Opening Weekend on Nov. 30 – Dec. 2. - Read More

Review: White Christmas at La Comedia

11/16/2018 - La Comedia’s best – selling show of all-time is back, the sweet potato soufflé is better than ever, and the traditional singing of ‘O Holy Night’ is emotionally stirring. - Read More

Rudolph The Musical coming to the Schuster

11/5/2018 - The classic holiday television special Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is coming to the Schuster stage this November. - Read More

Oz without a yellow brick road is like Titanic without a boat

10/29/2018 - Even with my complaints I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and now have a reason to watch the movie again. - Read More

School of Rock: The kids steal the show

10/5/2018 - REVIEW: There is much to enjoy about ‘School of Rock: The Musical,’ but it’s the kids who steal the show. - Read More

Clue: The Musical

10/3/2018 - Enjoy La Comedia's delicious buffet and the hilarious live production of "Clue: The Musical." Was it Colonel Mustard? Maybe it was Professor Plum! There are 216 possible endings! - Read More

Driving Miss Daisy

8/31/2018 - Enjoy La Comedia's delicious buffet and the live production of Driving Miss Daisy. - Read More

Tippapalooza celebrates local music and benefits local charities

8/30/2018 - The opportunity to hear some of the top bands from the Miami Valley will be at Tippapalooza 2018 on Saturday, September 1. - Read More

25 Must-Do’s around Dayton Ohio

8/1/2018 - There are certain things must be seen, gone to or eaten if you're visiting the Dayton area, and here are 25 of them. - Read More

Annie The Musical at La Comedia

7/11/2018 - Leapin’ lizards, she’s back in town! Annie, America’s favorite cartoon sweetheart, comes to La Comedia in one of the most popular Broadway shows of all time. - Read More

A Lifetime of Ingenuity: Edward A. Deeds

7/1/2018 - No good Deeds go unnoticed. Recognizing the accomplishments of Colonel Edward Andrew Deeds. - Read More

The Amazing History Behind Dayton's Grotto Gardens

6/15/2018 - Its scenic beauty is breathtaking and in the early 1900’s was one of the country’s leading tourist attractions. - Read More

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Enlightens

5/24/2018 - Even if you've followed King's career, there is bound to be at least one song, that makes you say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know she wrote that.’ - Read More

Memories of Blue Jacket Drama

5/16/2018 - Greene County Parks plan to reopen Caesar Ford Park, home to the former Blue Jacket Amphitheater. - Read More

Little Shop of Horrors at LaComedia

5/16/2018 - A deviously hilarious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash hit musical, Little Shop of Horrors has devoured the hearts of theatre goers for over 30 years. - Read More

Carole King - The Soundtrack to a Generation

5/14/2018 - While the name Carole King may not be instantly recognizable, her music certainly is. - Read More

Stores Dayton won't forget

5/4/2018 - Rikes, The Met, Donenfeld’s, and now Elder-Beerman, to name just a few local stores that will never be forgotten. - Read More

The Phantom of the Opera - A Theatrical Masterpiece

4/18/2018 - "One of the best theatrical experiences possible" - Mike Woody reviews "The Phantom of the Opera". - Read More

Phantom of the Opera: The Man Behind The Mask

4/14/2018 - To fill the role of one of one of Broadway’s most legendary characters is no small feat, but at 6 feet and 7 inches tall, Quentin Oliver Lee believes he has what it takes. - Read More

The Phantom of the Opera is back, like it’s never been seen before

4/5/2018 - April 11-22 - The Phantom of the Opera is back, like it’s never been seen before. - Read More

Review: Something Rotten! is a show not to be missed

3/22/2018 - There is much to enjoy from the very beginning to the end of Something Rotten! as there is never a dull moment. - Read More

Behind the Scenes: Something Rotten!

3/16/2018 - This is the first national tour for Burroughs, whose previous credits include Kinky Boots on Broadway and the Netflix series, The Get Down. - Read More

The Color Purple at LaComedia

3/9/2018 - From the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker and the moving film by Steven Spielberg comes a soul-stirring musical. - Read More

Goose-bumping solos and scenic delights

2/15/2018 - The Sound of Music is filled with beautiful songs with catchy tunes, adorable children and heart-warming love stories… - Read More

Behind the scenes: The Sound of Music is coming to Dayton

2/8/2018 - The iconic musical, The Sound of Music will be at the Schuster Center February 13 – 18. - Read More

Smoke on the Mountain at La Comedia

1/24/2018 - La Comedia Dinner Theatre production January 11-February 18, 2018. - Read More

Must-see: A Christmas Story at the Victoria Theatre

12/15/2017 - I triple dog dare you to miss 'A Christmas Story' at the Victoria Theatre, but consider yourself warned. You'll laugh your butt off! - Read More

Timeless Memories of Christmas at La Comedia

11/20/2017 - Celebrate the joy of Christmas with our family this season November 1-December 30, 2017. - Read More

There’s no place like The House!

11/14/2017 - Nobody who purchases a ticket for The House will suffer from buyer’s remorse. - Read More

Why 'An American in Paris' needs a remote control

11/11/2017 - Inspired by the 1951 film of the same name, An American in Paris is infused with music from the Gershwins and is truly a visual masterpiece. - Read More

Jeremy Camp - The Answer Tour at the Christian Life Center

11/6/2017 - Multiple award-winning Grammy nominee Jeremy Camp will be at the Christian Life Center as part of his The Answer Tour on Sunday night, November 12. - Read More

Original voice of The Buckinghams coming to Dayton this Friday

10/23/2017 - Rock and roll stars of the sixties, including Dennis Tufano, original voice of The Buckinghams, will be at the Schuster Center this Friday for 'A Sixties Spectacular'. - Read More

Why you'll want to see the musical written before Hamilton

9/27/2017 - Though commonly referred to as the musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda before Hamilton, In the Heights is strong enough to have its own identity. - Read More

Dare to Defy Seussical was Sensational

9/16/2017 - Listen, listen real close as if you are trying to hear a Who. Do you hear it? Me singing the songs from Seussical: The Musical a whole three days after I saw it. - Read More

Mamma Mia! at La Comedia

9/6/2017 - MAMMA MIA! will make its LaComedia debut this fall! Now it's your turn to experience the mega-hit musical that has thrilled 54 million people worldwide. - Read More

Don Brown and the MDA Labor Day Telethon

8/30/2017 - The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon in Dayton was hosted by Don Brown for 18 years. - Read More

10 Questions with news anchor & Hometown girl….Megan O’ Rourke

8/17/2017 - A familiar face to Dayton television viewers, Megan O’Rourke started broadcasting news in the Miami Valley over 10 years ago. - Read More

Review: The Little Mermaid

8/11/2017 - The closest I’ll probably ever come to going scuba diving is seeing Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which is truly an adventure ‘under the sea.’ - Read More

Strangled Darlings at South Park Tavern

8/3/2017 - Strangled Darlings is a duo whose lyric driven music is backed up by George on a mandolin and Jess on custom tenor bass & foot drums. - Read More

Behind the Scenes: The Little Mermaid

7/19/2017 - The Little Mermaid is at the Schuster Center August 8 -13. Mike Woody goes behind the scenes with Melvin Abston, who plays Sebastian. - Read More

Beauty And The Beast at La Comedia

7/16/2017 - Belle and the Price invite you to be our guest and step into an enchanted world as we present Disney's Beauty and the Beast - June 29-August 20, 2017. - Read More

Former Dayton TV anchor writes mystery novels

6/29/2017 - Though Libby Kirsch no longer appears on television, her career as a news anchor lives on through a character she created as a novelist. - Read More

Take a trip down memory lane with Family Ties

6/5/2017 - Family Ties will satisfy those who hold a special place in their heart for the Keaton’s. - Read More

Internet sensation Alexandra Kay at Wings Sports Bar & Grille

5/26/2017 - A rising star of country music, Alexandra Kay is performing at Wings Sports Bar and Grill Saturday, May 27. - Read More

Brady Bunch’s Jan to play Elyse in Family Ties

5/25/2017 - A child actor from one of television’s most iconic shows is now all grown up and is reprising the role of the mother from another beloved sitcom. - Read More

Kinky Boots at The Schuster

5/25/2017 - KINKY BOOTS - Broadway’s huge-hearted, high-heeled hit! - Read More

Sister Act at La Comedia

5/18/2017 - Feel-good musical comedy based on the hit 1992 film that has audiences jumping to their feet! April 27-June 18, 2017. - Read More

Behind the scenes with Rose Hemingway: Kinky Boots

5/8/2017 - Kinky Boots has been a perfect fit for audiences all over the country, and beyond. - Read More

Motown the Musical coming to the Schuster

3/31/2017 - Mike Woody goes behind the scenes with Garfield Hammond, performer in Motown the Musical, coming to the Schuster April 11 – 16. - Read More

Review: Dirty Dancing at The Schuster

3/16/2017 - Musical theatre in its finest form, Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage continues at the Schuster Center through March 19. - Read More

Away in the Basement at La Comedia

3/14/2017 - The Church Basement Ladies are back, serving up more laughs! March 2- April 23, 2017 - Read More

Dirty Dancing Coming to Dayton March 14-19

2/27/2017 - Based on the 1987 hit film, Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage has been seen by millions worldwide, but few know the show any better than Michal Kolaczkowski. - Read More

Airline Dairy Creme Birthday Celebration!

2/15/2017 - Airline Dairy Creme is celebrating 53 years with 53 cents hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and vanilla ice cream cones. - Read More

Art show to benefit a foreign adoption

2/8/2017 - At the center of Robyn Terry’s heart is her art, which she uses as a platform to express her faith. - Read More

Steel Magnolias at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

1/25/2017 - A tribute to the charm and wit of Southern women, "Steel Magnolias" is a touching comedy-drama that shows the healing power of laughter and friendship. - Read More

Review: 42nd Street at The Schuster Center

1/12/2017 - The highly impressive, quick moving, tap dancing feet in 42nd Street do most of the talking throughout the Tony award winning musical. - Read More

Before the Megaplex, there were Movie Theaters

1/6/2017 - Before the massive megaplex’s of today, there were smaller movies theaters like the Flicker Palace and Page Manor. - Read More

Broadway's 42nd Street Coming to The Schuster

12/22/2016 - Mike Woody Interviews Gerianne Genga, who will play Maggie Jones in the broadway musical comedy "42nd Street" at the Schuster in January. - Read More

Add some smiles to your Thanksgiving weekend with ‘Elf: The Musical’

11/23/2016 - There is some loud singing and plenty of Christmas cheer to spread around in ‘Elf: The Musical’. Review by Mike Woody. - Read More

Review: A Christmas Carol at Lacomedia

11/14/2016 - A Christmas Carol at Lacomedia Dinner Theatre is sure to help make this holiday season a joyous one. - Read More

Irish Band Rend Collective at Christian Life Center

11/14/2016 - Toe tapping, spirit lifting, high energy musical tour at the Christian Life Center Thursday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m. - Read More

Review: Jersey Boys

10/21/2016 - Jersey Boys is a theatrical experience that will leave the songs of the Four Seasons in your head long after and create a memory to never be forgotten. - Read More

Dare to Skate and Dream

10/17/2016 - Every night when Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream, the dream of Jacob Marsh to travel the world by entertaining audiences with his skating is made true. - Read More

Jersey Boys coming to the Schuster Center

10/7/2016 - Jersey Boys delivers a spectacular stage show that provides an escape from the stresses of daily life. - Read More

Oakwood (Ohio) Mystery Series: The Book Club Murders

10/4/2016 - While on a power- walk in her hometown of Oakwood, Leslie Nagel gained more than exercise, but the inspiration to write her first novel. - Read More

Boy Band musical comedy to be filmed in Dayton

9/27/2016 - Wanna see a movie about an aging, fat boy band from Dayton, Ohio? - Read More

Million Dollar Quartet at LaComedia

9/14/2016 - On December 4, 1956 they played together for the first and only time... - Read More

Kirby Fest to Benefit Dayton On Air Legend

8/18/2016 - You may not recognize him by name or face, but chances are that anyone who has lived in Dayton over the last thirty plus years has heard the voice of Bill ‘Kirby’ Mervar. - Read More

Memories of Hara Arena

7/31/2016 - Its doors will soon be closed but the endless memories formed from within the complex will continue forever. - Read More

The Wizard of Oz at LaComedia

7/28/2016 - Come along as we travel with Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion as they head to the Emerald City to see the great Wizard! - Read More

Memories of Philipps Aquatic Club

7/7/2016 - Growing up in the eighties a popular way to cool off on hot summer days, other than a slip-N-Slide, was visit an area community pool. - Read More

Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience

7/6/2016 - On TLC's hit television series ''Long Island Medium,'' Theresa Caputo communicates with the dead, and she's bringing her gift to the Nutter Center on October 8. - Read More

Review: The Lion King at The Schuster

6/11/2016 - The Lion King provides a fulfilling up-close adventure into a jungle, unlike anything you have ever seen before. - Read More

5000 reasons to love The Lion King Actor Ben Lipitz as Pumbaa

5/25/2016 - There’s a tremendous sense of awe and wonder whenever The Lion King fills the stage, but something especially amazing will occur while the hit musical is in Dayton. - Read More

Stand Up For Love

5/20/2016 - Laughter is good for the soul, as is being a generous giver, so those who attend the Stand Up for Love event will be benefiting themselves while also supporting a worthy cause. - Read More

Grease at LaComedia

5/19/2016 - The senior class of Rydell High returns, back by popular demand! May 5 - June 26, 2016. - Read More

The Barnsider To Close After 41 Years

5/13/2016 - Memories of The Barnsider will linger as it closes its doors for the final time this Saturday, after 41 years in business. - Read More

Kristen Key at Wiley's Comedy Joint

5/9/2016 - Kristin Key stood in line for 7 hours to become one of the youngest contestants on Last Comic Standing! True story. - Read More

Memories of Fantasy Farm

4/27/2016 - Located in Middletown, Fantasy Farm was open from 1963 to 1991, and was especially designed for children 12 and under. - Read More

You’ll laugh until you cry at One Slight Hitch

4/14/2016 - It’s supposed to be a day on which dreams are made of, but instead it consists of one hilarious disaster after another. - Read More

Million Dollar Quartet

3/28/2016 - Four legends of music on one stage and an entire catalog of hit songs are all contained within the hit musical Million Dollar Quartet. - Read More

Fiddler on the Roof at LaComedia

3/17/2016 - Fiddler on the Roof has touched audiences around the world with its humor, warmth and honesty. - Read More

Behind the Scenes with Celtic Woman Mairead Nesbitt

3/9/2016 - The heart of Ireland will be pumping throughout Dayton on Friday, March 25 as the Celtic Woman brings their 85-city North American tour to the Schuster Center. - Read More

Broadway Preview: The Bridges of Madison County

3/4/2016 - Don’t miss a voyage to The Bridges of Madison County at the Schuster Center, March 15 – 20. - Read More

Victoria Theatre Association Announces 2016-2017 Shows

2/23/2016 - The Victoria Theatre Association announced their line-up for the 2016-17 season which features entertaining options for all ages and interests. - Read More

Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella

2/12/2016 - February 9-14, 2016 at The Schuster - The world’s most famous makeover story just got a makeover! - Read More

Daytons Human Race Theatre presents The Glass Menagerie

2/9/2016 - Memories as fragile as glass are tossed into the air in Tennessee Williams’ first great masterpiece. - Read More

Behind the scenes with Lauren Sprague: Cinderella

2/4/2016 - Raised in Cincinnati, Lauren Sprague grew up watching movie musicals on television and would sing and dance all around the house with dreams of someday being on stage. - Read More

More Dayton Restaurants of Yesteryear

1/26/2016 - Time to take another trip down memory lane - which of these fine Dayton area restaurants of yesteryear do you remember? - Read More

Once The Musical

1/20/2016 - January 19-24, 2016 at The Schuster - Winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards including Best Musical. - Read More

Love, Sex and the I.R.S. at LaComedia

1/19/2016 - Love, Sex and the I.R.S. proves that tax season can be downright comical! - Read More

Behind the Scenes: ONCE

1/13/2016 - Interview with Flashdance actress Patricia Bartlett, who returns to the Schuster for 'ONCE' Jan 19-24. - Read More

Breakout Dayton Escape Games

1/3/2016 - ‘Breakout Dayton’ is a FUN filled THRILL ride that will challenge your mind in whole new ways. - Read More

Review: A Christmas Story - The Musical

11/19/2015 - The hilarious account of Ralphie’s desperate quest to ensure that this most perfect of gifts ends up under his tree this Christmas. - Read More

The Human Race Theatre Co presents Steel Magnolias

11/11/2015 - Make an appointment for laughter and tears and have a good hair day! - Read More

Bullets Over Broadway

11/5/2015 - November 3-8, 2015 at The Schuster - Hailed by Time Magazine as ''Musical Theatre Gold''. - Read More

Outrageous Musical Comedy at The Schuster Nov 3-8

10/28/2015 - A series of rapid fire one-liners is promised to be shot out with enough ammunition to directly hit the funny bone of everyone in the audience. - Read More

Disney on Ice: Behind the Scenes with Princess Tiana

10/17/2015 - The chance to entertain millions with her talent is more than Hope Alexander ever dreamed. - Read More

Witness the self-discovery of PIPPIN

10/2/2015 - A classic tale of self-discovery PIPPIN follows a young prince on his journey to answer the question, ‘what am I for?’ - Read More

Haunted Garage - Tipp City, OH

10/1/2015 - The Haunted Garage was one of largest Halloween displays in the area. - Read More

The Human Race Theatre presents The Full Monty

9/16/2015 - In need of quick cash and low on prospects, six unemployed Buffalo steelworkers come up with the outrageous idea - to put on a strip act, go ''The Full Monty'' and bare it all! - Read More

The Last Potluck Supper

9/15/2015 - The Church Basement Ladies musical comedy at La Comedia Dinner Theatre. - Read More

Carmen Lynch at Wileys Comedy Joint

9/10/2015 - Carmen Lynch is now bringing her comedic skills to Wiley’s, Sept. 17 - 19. - Read More

Review of The Book of Mormon by Mike Woody

8/21/2015 - Imagine if ‘Veggie Tales’ merged with ‘South Park’ to form a live-action musical. Laugh out loud funny, but be prepared for some adult content. - Read More

Dayton TV News Anchors: Gone but not forgotten

8/11/2015 - News anchors from Dayton’s television stations eventually disappear into retirement. Some may be gone, but are definitely not forgotten. - Read More

Behind the Scenes: The Book of Mormon

8/9/2015 - Though it’s often talked about for its many obscenities, Quarrels sees some positive attributes within ‘The Book of Mormon.’ - Read More

Review: The Little Mermaid at La Comedia

7/21/2015 - It’s a tale as old as time, wrong movie, but it does also hold true for the Disney hit ‘The Little Mermaid’ which swims onto the La Comedia stage through August 30. - Read More

The Little Mermaid at La Comedia

7/21/2015 - In a magical kingdom beneath the sea, a beautiful young mermaid named Ariel longs to leave her ocean home to live in the world above. June 17 – August 15, 2021. - Read More

Remember ShowBiz Pizza?

7/19/2015 - If you were a child during the 80’s, you had to have at least attended a birthday party at ShowBiz Pizza Place. - Read More

The Human Race presents Crowns

6/19/2015 - Troubled Brooklyn teenager Yolanda is sent to live with her church-going grandmother down South. - Read More

Peter And The Starcatcher

6/12/2015 - Peter And The Starcatcher, a most magical evening of madcap fun comes to Dayton's Schuster Center. - Read More

The Addams Family at La Comedia

5/20/2015 - They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky! - Read More

Andrew Rivers at Wileys Comedy Joint

5/20/2015 - Featured on NBC, FOX, and the Bob & Tom Radio Show. Critics, Mom's, and critical mom's agree, you don't want to miss this show. - Read More

To The One I Love - Shirley Oct 21, 1943

5/19/2015 - Local vintage art model seeks to solve the mystery surrounding a bracelet. Who was Shirley? And who was ‘Norman Miller, United States Army Air Force’? - Read More

Wicked at The Schuster

5/1/2015 - Back by popular demand - the Broadway presentation at The Schuster Center - April 29-May 17, 2015. - Read More

Jim Florentine at Wileys Comedy Joint

4/29/2015 - Florentine will only dial in to the inner most depths of his mind to produce laughter for the audience. - Read More

The Patriot Pin-Ups welcome U.S. Veterans

4/24/2015 - It’s never too late to thank a Veteran for the sacrifices they made. - Read More

WICKED: Behind the Scenes in the Emerald City

4/24/2015 - Behind the Scenes with Glinda the Good Witch in the merry old Land of Oz. - Read More

The Human Race presents Taking Shakespeare

4/23/2015 - Making its Midwest premier at The Loft Theatre through May 3. - Read More

Michael Somerville at Wileys Comedy Niteclub

4/8/2015 - Somerville’s attention will be on touching the funny bone of those who visits Wiley’s on April 9-11. - Read More

Ending The Stigma About Mental Illness With Four Leaf Clovers

3/24/2015 - Doug Jones is sharing his clovers with others to spread the faith, hope, love and luck that the four leaves represent. - Read More

South Pacific at La Comedia

3/17/2015 - Set on a tropical island during World War II, South Pacific tells the sweeping romantic story of two couples and how their happiness is threatened by the realities of war and their own prejudices. - Read More

Victoria Theatre Association Announces 2015-2016 Shows

2/25/2015 - Some of the most Tony award winning musicals makeup the 2015-16 Premier Health Broadway Series of the Victoria Theatre Association., including the megahit ''Disney's The Lion King''. - Read More

Dayton Restaurants of Yesteryear

2/18/2015 - Take a trip down memory lane with Mike Woody - do you remember these fine Dayton area restaurants of yesteryear? - Read More

Nice Work If You Can Get It

2/11/2015 - It’s the Roaring Twenties and a cast of outrageous characters gather in New York to celebrate the wedding of wealthy playboy Jimmy Winter. - Read More

Behind the Scenes: Nice Work If You Can Get It

2/2/2015 - To star in the national tour of a Broadway musical is nice work, if you can get it, which Alex Enterline can attest to as he has the lead role in ''Nice Work If You Can Get It.'' - Read More

Mind Reader Eric Dittelman at Victoria Theatre

1/29/2015 - Eric Dittelman has a unique blend of mind reading and stand-up and improvisational comedy that will have you laughing while marveling how he does what he does! - Read More

Flashdance - The Musical

1/22/2015 - The pop culture phenomenon of FLASHDANCE live on stage - at The Schuster! - Read More

Interview with Kiki from Flashdance-The Musical

1/12/2015 - When Brianna-Marie Bell visits Dayton as part of ‘Flashdance – The Musical,’ she’ll be a changed person from when she last left her home state of Ohio. - Read More

The Illusionists: Witness The Impossible

1/5/2015 - This mind-blowing spectacular showcases the jaw dropping talents of seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth. - Read More

Our Dayton Grande Illumination Tradition

11/27/2014 - Every year since 1985 I’ve gone with a group of relatives to downtown Dayton for the Grande Illumination and a picture with Santa Claus on Friday night. - Read More

Miracle on 34th Street at La Comedia

11/18/2014 - It’s the season of giving and La Comedia Dinner Theatre obliges by essentially offering two shows on the same night (or matinee) for the price of one. - Read More

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Schuster

10/23/2014 - October 21-26, 2014 - the irresistible family musical about the trials and triumphs of Joseph, Israel’s favorite son. - Read More

American Idol Finalists star in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

10/7/2014 - American Idol Finalists star in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at The Schuster Center in Dayton, October 21-26 - Read More

He Keeps Me Singing at La Comedia

9/17/2014 - If you liked Smoke on the Mountain, you'll love He Keeps Me Singing! - Read More

Mary Poppins at La Comedia

7/18/2014 - The combined experience of the dinner and show is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. - Read More

Walking The Line of Believability: Million Dollar Quartet

6/10/2014 - To portray Johnny Cash, an American icon, at an acceptable level, Scott Moreau must walk the line of believability. - Read More

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

5/28/2014 - May 27-June 1, 2014 at the Schuster Center. The romantic Broadway musical for all generations, Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the smash hit Broadway musical, is coming to Dayton! - Read More

All Shook Up at La Comedia

5/22/2014 - Don't miss this uproarious new musical comedy featuring the unforgettable hits of Elvis Presley! The story is loosely based on William Shakespeare's 1602 play Twelfth Night. - Read More

Bring It On: The Musical

4/19/2014 - The story of the challenges and unexpected bonds formed through the thrill of extreme competition. - Read More

My Dream Beside Me

4/11/2014 - A true life love story, involving a Dayton woman, is so remarkably moving that it was turned into a movie, which is showing at Neon this Sunday, April 13 at 3p.m. - Read More

Memphis The Musical

4/10/2014 - From the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, comes a hot new Broadway musical that bursts off the stage. - Read More

Memphis the Musical Coming to Dayton Next Week

4/3/2014 - Jasmin Richardson plays Felicia in Memphis which is at The Schuster Theatre April 8 - 13, 2-14. “Felicia is very, very different from the other roles I’ve played." - Read More

Sister Act @ The Schuster

1/29/2014 - Coming direct from Broadway, SISTER ACT is the feel-amazing musical comedy smash that the New York Post calls ''ridiculously fun'', and audiences are jumping to their feet in total agreement! - Recommend Ages 9 and up. - Read More

Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical + Review

1/27/2014 - From the songs and stories of a true legend comes a theatrical musical experience that will lift your heart and stir your soul. - Read More

Mother Superior in Sister Act by Divine Intervention

1/22/2014 - More than just her talents. Lynne Wintersteller believes that some divine intervention earned her the role of Mother Superior in the national tour of 'Sister Act,' which is at the Schuster Center, January 28-February 2. - Read More

Walt Willey @ Dayton Funny Bone Comedy Club

1/17/2014 - People's Choice, Mr. Willey co-hosted Live! with Regis and Kelly alongside his former All My Children co-star Kelly Ripa, and the 20th Anniversary Daytime Emmy Awards with Susan Lucci. - Read More

Born to Dance. And Donate Life

1/5/2014 - After seeing her featured in various shows at La Comedia, I thought that Diana Sheets was born to dance. However, further inspection revealed that she saved her greatest performance for her role as a sister by giving life to her brother. - Read More

Menopause The Musical at La Comedia

1/2/2014 - Do you experience random hot flashes? The constant need to urinate? A loss in sex drive? Are you a woman? If you've answered yes to one or more of those questions, there's no need to consult with a doctor, just simply make an appointment to visit La Comedia for Menopause: The Musical. - Read More

It's a Wonderful Life at Victoria Theatre

12/11/2013 - December 3-15, 2013 at Victoria Theatre - This beloved American holiday classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940s radio broadcast – complete with jazzy radio jingles, hilarious commercials, and a glamorous cast. Ages 6 and up. - Read More

La Comedia Holiday Celebration

11/12/2013 - Nov 1- Dec 31, 2013 - Join us this Christmas for a musical journey that features dancing, fun-loving characters and Santa Claus himself. Read our review by Mike Woody! - Read More

War Horse at the Schuster Center

10/21/2013 - October 22-27, 2013 at The Schuster - A heart-warming tale of loyalty and friendship, WAR HORSE tells the story of young Albert and his beloved horse, Joey. Suitable for ages 12 and up. - Read More

Behind the Scenes: War Horse

10/16/2013 - Mike Woody goes behind the scenes with Maria Elena Ramirez, who plays the role of Rose, Albert's mother, in the epic theatrical production of 'War Horse' . - Read More

A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement @ La Comedia

10/2/2013 - Your favorite Church Basement Ladies are back and up to even more crazy antics in the all-new musical A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement. - Read More

Rockstar Pro Wrestling

8/4/2013 - Where else can you see 300 pound men in tights, women pulling each other's hair and the audience united in synchronized chants... besides the Jerry Springer Show, the only place is professional wrestling. - Read More

Peter Pan at LaComedia

7/23/2013 - Flying onto the La Comedia Dinner Theatre stage through September 1, 2013, is 'Peter Pan.' The eternally young boy may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but 'Peter Pan' can hold an entire audience captive in the palm of his hand for the shows duration. - Read More

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