Beggar's Night / Trick or Treat | Dayton, Ohio 2018
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Trick or Treat in Dayton

Beggar's Night / Trick or Treat | Dayton, Ohio 2018

When is beggars night in your city?

The 2018 schedule for Dayton area trick-or-treat has been posted. Find your community beggar's night dates and times for 2018 plus a few alternatives to trick or treat for Dayton and around the Miami Valley. Have a fun, safe evening!

Also find Fall Activities, Haunted Houses, and Halloween Costume Stores.

Trick or Treat Times for Dayton

What can you do if it rains on Halloween? Take your your ghosts and goblins to the Dayton Convention Center for the City of Dayton Recreation and Youth Services indoor Harvest Festival, featuring music, face painting, prizes and Trunk or Treat! Free admission & parking.

10/25/2018 - Anna Trick or Treat
10/31/2018 - Clayton Trick or Treat
10/30/2018 - Eaton Trick or Treat
10/27/2018 - Enon Trick or Treat
10/31/2018 - Moraine Trick or Treat
10/31/2018 - Oakwood Trick or Treat
10/30/2018 - Piqua Trick or Treat
10/30/2018 - Troy Trick or Treat
10/31/2018 - Urbana Trick or Treat
10/31/2018 - Xenia Trick or Treat
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