The Noah Wotherspoon Band - Blues at its Best in Dayton!

By Tammy Coffin-Hana, Contributing Writer - April 25, 2012
last updated 04/25/2012
The Noah Wotherspoon Band - Blues at its Best in Dayton!

A little glance into the chat that I had with Noah Wotherspoon today, and what I learned about blues that surprised me.

The Noah Wotherspoon Band - Blues at its Best in Dayton!

Getting the chance to sit down and interview a good musician doesn’t happen very often, so that means that to interview a GREAT one doesn’t come along often either. However, I got the chance to do that very thing today. Enter, Noah Wotherspoon Band, which represents the blues in Dayton at its best. I want to give you a little glance into the chat that I had with Noah Wotherspoon today, and what I learned about blues that surprised me!

Tammy: Noah, when did you discover that you wanted to be a blues musician?

Noah: Well, I guess one thing sort of led to another.. Around the time I was 10, my older brother’s best friend would bring over records and bootleg videos of guitar-oriented music like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. My brother eventually bought me a guitar for my 11th birthday. A couple years later, I was introduced to Tim Arnold who started giving me lessons. He’d send me home with records of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Albert Collins. Before I knew it, I was pretty emerged in that world.

Tammy: Noah, growing up what musicians did you follow?

Noah: I would go out and watch a lot of the local guitar players. Tim Arnold, Shake n’ Dave Hussong, and Rob McNelley were all huge heroes of mythical proportion to me. When I got into Junior High, I also started listening to all of the classic rock luminaries like The Beatles, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Over the years I’ve tried to take in a bit of everything. I love a lot of different musical realms; from introspective songwriters like Elliott Smith to West African and Indian music.. there’s a common thread that runs through all of it.

Tammy: Noah, when did you decide to start your band?

Noah: When I was in my early teens, I had been playing guitar for blues singer Bobby Rock before I put my first working trio together. I was about 16 when the first incarnation of "Noah & the Stratocats” started to play out. Our first few gigs we opened for the local Hendrix impersonator Silky T. Not long after that, former Nite Owl owner Paul Cuppin recommended us to a stage manager at the Chicago Blues Festival and we were invited to play. We were seen by Jimmy D. Lane (son of legendary bluesman Jimmy Rogers) who helped us with our first record deal with APO Records. I remember taking 19 hour Greyhound bus rides to visit and record at Blue Heaven Studios which was in an old renovated church. There were some pretty amazing people hanging around the place.. I feel lucky to have had the chance to spend time and play music with Hubert Sumlin, Little Hatch, and Henry Townsend.

Tammy: Noah, when did you really know that blues would be your destiny as a musician?

Noah: Well, I’m not entirely sure what my destiny has in store haha.. I try not cast anything in stone. I feel like blues will always be a big part of my life because of the cosmic experiences I’ve had through just being in and around the music. At the same time, a lot of my songwriting and interests go outside of what many would consider blues. I’d really like to explore as much creative territory as possible without forgetting where I came from.. I have another project called "Noah + the Rescue Radio”.. which is sort of a channel for things I write that are more rock & roll or experimental.

Tammy: Well Noah, what is the latest news for the Noah Wotherspoon Band?

Noah: Well, in February we made it to the finals at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. and had the chance to play the Orpheum Theater. The whole week down there was like being suspended in a strange dream; we never thought we’d make it past the first round! That experience has led to us getting into a few blues festivals around the country; so we’re hoping to get a new album out very soon to take on the road.

Tammy: "Thanks Noah, it’s been great chatting with you, and I will be on the lookout for your next recording!”

Noah: "Thanks! We look forward to seeing this on Dayton Local!”

The interview with Noah was warm, funny, and interesting all at once. This young musician is definitely on his way to greatness along with his crew. So, where can you catch this local artist and hear his phenomenal talent?

The Noah Wotherspoon Band will be playing this Friday night, April 27th at the Oregon Express at 9:30. For those of you who don’t know, this is located in the city of Dayton. Be sure to show up for Happy Hour because you just might find them playing from 5-8p.m. for this.

You can learn more about Noah, his life and journey as a blues musician by going to, and you can contact him there as well through the Contact Form. And you can visit: to check out Noah’s rock & roll & other music.

Have you seen Noah play live? Let's show this local talent some support, Dayton!

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Noah Wotherspoon - Noah Wotherspoon hails from Dayton, Ohio. A remarkable blues / rock guitarist and songwriter, Noah's live performances continue to move and resonate with audiences wherever he plays.

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