Why You Should Replace Your Roof in the Summer

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Why You Should Replace Your Roof in the Summer

Why You Should Replace Your Roof in the Summer

Thinking of a roof replacement in the Dayton OH area? The frigid winter and rainy spring may have taken a toll on your roof. If so, contact Van Martin for your comprehensive roof inspection!

Why You Should Replace Your Roof in the Summer

Why You Should Replace Your Roof in the Summer

Replacing your roof is a serious project and timing is key for a proper installation. A roof replacement is possible during all seasons of the year, however, there are certain seasons that work better than others. During the summer, roofing contractors are able to utilize all tools and materials. The previous seasons will have brought about storm damage, leaks, and other hazards to your roof. The first step to take is to schedule an evaluation with a highly experienced professional such as Van Martin of Dayton, Ohio.

The Importance of a Proper Installation

It’s important to place your roof in reliable hands, so don’t hire just any roofer near you to perform the job. By hiring a subpar contractor, you will eventually run into issues. In fact, 47% of all roofing issues stem from improper installation. This is proof that choosing a reliable roofing company is crucial! These issues could be anything from sagging to improperly installed fasteners, both of which spell trouble for you and your property leading to leaks and even putting the structural parts of your home in danger. 

Even simple roof repairs will lead to leaks if done improperly. When searching for quality roofing in Dayton, Ohio, leave it to Van Martin. Our team is committed to helping all home and business owners make the smartest possible choices with their roofing and related systems. 

What To Expect

When you’re ready to hire Van Martin for your roof replacement, call our team to get set up with a comprehensive evaluation. Our team will inspect your entire roof to ensure we have the proper plan that fits within your structural needs as well as within your budget. A new roof is no cheap project which is why we offer financing options that can work with your needs. 

Once the inspection is complete and a plan is arranged you can expect our roof installation professionals at your home or business. After one or two days, you’ll have a durable roof that looks great. Additionally, all of our roof replacements come with a 7-year workmanship warranty on top of extensive manufacturer warranty options

Why Choose Van Martin?

Van Martin Roofing is a roofing company that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our team has the experience to replace all types of roofing materials, notably all shingle, metal, and flat roofing systems. When you choose Van Martin for a roof replacement, you’re choosing strength and reliability for your home or business. Our team is driven, straightforward, and sincere when it comes to our services. Our main goal is to help Dayton area home and business owners make the smartest possible decisions with their roofing and related systems. Here at Van Martin, we base our success on your satisfaction.

Schedule your roof estimate with Van Martin today by calling our dedicated team members. We take a consultative approach to our services, meaning we’ll provide you with a roof replacement plan that works specifically for you.

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