Mobile Daiquiri & Sno-ball truck to launch in Dayton

last updated 02/25/2022
Mobile Daiquiri & Sno-ball truck to launch in Dayton

Dayton Ohio's First Ever Louisiana Style Daiquiri and Sno-Ball Mobile Truck ‘Diamond Daiquiris' Launches March 19

Mobile Daiquiri & Sno-ball truck to launch in Dayton

Diamond Daiquiris, Dayton Ohio’s first ever Louisiana style daiquiri and sno-ball mobile food truck will launch with a special grand opening event at the White House Event Center, March 19 2022 3PM-7PM.

Founded by Dayton resident Leslie Brown and her family, Diamond Daiquiris aims to deliver the spirit and impeccable taste of Louisiana to the Dayton community one delicious sno-ball and Daiquiri at a time.

At the grand opening, Diamond Daiquiris will be serving up its signature items— an exciting variety of the classic Louisiana based cocktail, the frozen daiquiri. Customers will be able to choose from an assortment of over ten colorful and deliciously fruity and sweet flavors like Blue-Raspberry, Pineapple-Mango, the classic New Orleans Hurricane and Strawberry Margarita just to name a few— all homemade with top-quality ingredients. Prices will range from $2.75 (small 12oz) to $4.50 (large 24oz).

Diamond Daiquiris will also serve homemade sno-balls, a customizable treat made from fluffy thinly shaved ice, flavored with brightly coloured sweet syrups and topped with gummy bears, sprinkles and other tasty add-ons— an irresistible treat for children and adults alike.

The sno-balls will come in two variations— traditional style or special creamy style. They will also come in a variety of fun flavors like Key Lime Pie and King Cake for the classic desert lover and Red Hot and Cotton Candy for the adventurous. Sugar free options will be available too. Prices will range from $2.75 (small 12oz) to $5.00 (waffle cup).

The idea of Diamond Daiquiris was born during a trip that founder and CEO, Leslie Brown, took to the historic city of New Orleans. Inspired by the vibrant Mardi Gras colors, the sound of jazz trailing through the French Quarter and the melting pot of cultures, Brown wanted to bring back a piece of New Orleans to Dayton.

“Daiquiris hold a very special memory for me-” said Brown, “Diamond Daiquiris was formed with the aim of bringing a taste of Louisiana to the Midwest.”

After the grand opening, customers can visit Diamond Daiquiris at one of its regular service spots in the Dayton area.

Customers can also book Diamond Daiquiris to cater at private events such as birthdays, office parties, wedding receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more.

Diamond Daiquiris.

Diamond Daiquiris - We bring you Dayton Ohio’s first ever Louisiana style Virgin Daiquiri and Sno-ball Mobile Food Truck! Diamond Daiquiris specializes in Authentic Louisiana Flavors

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