Six Hits at Warped Wing's Spent Grain Grill

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last updated 03/31/2016
Six Hits at Warped Wing's Spent Grain Grill

Haven't made it to Warped Wing Brewery downtown yet? Here are another six reasons to go.

Six Hits at Warped Wing's Spent Grain Grill

Warped Wing, already a big draw for the Dayton crowd, has introduced a new kitchen, Spent Grain Grill, with its small-plate food options, will fill you up as you enjoy a brew with some friends in the beer hall. These aren’t just for apps either, you’ll find some really great stuff to be enjoyed.

Six dishes to try from Spent Grain:

  1. Pork Broccoli Rabe Pizza-  We saw quite a few people walking around pizzas and had to try one.  Everyone loves pizza and it goes quite well with beer....especially good beer like Warped Wings!  We went with the Pork Broccoli Rabe Pizza which absolutely blew our minds.  The slow roasted pork, broccoli rabe, and roasted garlic white sauce are excellent, but the spent grain crust truly steals the show.  Spent Grain Grill also offers other specialty pizzas such as veggie, bbq, and chicken Florentine. 
  2. Pulled Pork Sandwich: Marinated pork with Ermal's Belgian Cream Ale then stuffed into a thick bun, what really works here is the grilled collard greens on top; they add a smoky nice taste to the greens and it's really great to see this stout little sandwich on the menu.
  3. Cheese curds: Curds lightly fried till they're crispy and served alongside a marinara sauce that is sweet and a little salty. A great snack while you try the latest ale on tap.
  4. Soft Pretzels:  Who doesn’t love beer and pretzels?  This isn’t your average pretzel as they are baked with Warped Wing spent grain which gives it a unique taste.  Add spicy mustard or beer cheese and you are in for a real treat.
  5. Spent Grain has some interesting specialty taco options and we had to try a couple of them. First off we tried the Carne Asada tacos which consisted on marinated flank steak with cucumbers, cilantro, onion, and lime crema sauce.  The steak is certainly flavorful, but we loved the finishing touch: the crema fresca. 
  6. Shii-Tacos:  The name comes from the main ingredient: Shiitake mushrooms.  Add some jalapenos, feta cheese, cilantro, and sriracha sauce and the end result is a tasty dish with just enough spiciness to not scorch your taste buds.  This was definitely one of our favorite dishes that we tried.

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Spent Grain Grill.

Spent Grain Grill - Spent Grain Grill permanently closed. Warped Wing operates the kitchen in the downtown location.

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