Pies and Pints Now at The Greene

BY: Amanda Newsome
last updated 08/23/2013
Pies and Pints Now at The Greene

Tell a loved one, ''You're the peanut butter to my jelly or the cheese to my macaroni'' and there will be no doubt just how much you love him or her. But, ''You're the beer to my pizza''…now there's the perfect combo!

Pies and Pints Now at The Greene

Amanda at Pies & Pints

Tell a loved one, "You're the peanut butter to my jelly or the cheese to my macaroni" and there will be no doubt just how much you love him or her. But, "You're the beer to my pizza"…now there's the perfect combo!

To enjoy this ultimate blend of flavor, Daytonians now have to go no further than The Greene and visit the town center's newest restaurant, Pies and Pints.

Adding up to be their 5th location, Pies and Pints offers an extensive menu of craft beers and pizza. Both range all the way from the classics to the wildly unique.

My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of attending the restaurant's friends and family preview before the grand opening and my experience was nothing short of amazing.

Pizza at The Greene

The atmosphere is set with bold décor and low-lit lighting yet it's buzzing with energy. It's the perfect setting for any event—cozy enough for 2 but just as fun and energetic for a large crowd.

Pizza - Pies & Pints

So what about the eats? To sum it up, I can't wait until the day when I have finally tried every specialty pizza on the menu. And though I don't normally spring for an appetizer, the pork -pepper nachos were calling our names.

The flavor of the marinated pulled pork, seasoned black beans, and chipotle cream was a tasty twist for this starter.

If I haven't convinced you yet, the nachos come in a half order, which was more than enough for the two of us and will keep a few more bucks in your wallet.

For the pie we decided to do his and hers pizzas. He went classic and I tried one of their specialties—half Classic Pizza Pie (sub peppers for mushrooms!) and half Chicken Gouda Pie. Corey said he really enjoyed the flavors of his side.

The pizza was the perfect balance of a soft bite finished with a slight crunch in the crust. The creamy Gouda gave my pizza a cheesier texture than I typically put on my pies, but the flavor of the whole pizza was fantastic. They also have a variety of salads and sandwiches if that is more your speed.

Beer at Pies & PintsThe beer menu was more than I've ever seen before. I loved that the menu is set up by types of beers and flavors to help those of us that like to try new things, but don't know a lot about different beers. We each had a half-pint, him a fruit beer from San Francisco with a watermelon flavor and I had Purple Haze from Louisiana.

Enjoying Pizza at Pies and Pints!For it only being the opening weekend, I was impressed that our server was so knowledgeable of the menu and drink options. We took him up on his suggestions and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

If you're looking for a place to unwind, a fun date, or simply wanting to try something new, I highly recommend you visit Pies and Pints.

Go wild and try something like the Thai or Grape Pie or keep it simple and try your hand at building your own. There's something for everyone and a lively, enjoyable outing is an almost guarantee!

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Pies & Pints.

Pies & Pints - Unique craft pizza & beer concept featuring a made-from-scratch menu with eclectic combinations on a familiar canvas - Pizza! Located at The Greene.

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