Local Buzz Over Bear Creek Donuts

BY: Dayton Foodies
last updated 06/02/2016
Local Buzz Over Bear Creek Donuts

Happy National Donut Day! Hope you're scarfing down some sweet treats.

Local Buzz Over Bear Creek Donuts

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How about some local donut love to chow on? That’s what Dayton Foodies found in Miamisburg.

You just know good things are to come as the intoxicating aroma of donuts welcomes you as you enter Bear Creek Donut Shop.  The shop exudes a rustic atmosphere with exposed brick throughout and the local buzz is apparent as there is obviously already an expected following.  You will find a selection of donuts that is a marriage of your favorite classics and innovative recipes that use familiar ingredients from your childhood.  Some of our favorite donuts we’ve tried:

  • The Fruity Pebble donut not only brings pure joy to kids but to adults as well.  It is a cornucopia of colors and of course they paired it perfectly with what other than a blueberry donut. 
  • The maple iced Persians are fresh clouds of goodness that have you wanting seconds. 
  • Let us not forget the Cinnamon Toast Crunch donut- who does not love cinnamon and a donut? 
  • Summer is upon us and what better way to get in the mood, but a Strawberry Shortcake Donut.  Imagine a moist cake donut topped with a light area whipped cream topping with a sliced strawberry resting on top of it.    
  • Bear Creek did not forget about your bacon for breakfast!!  The maple bacon glazed donut is life changing and we hope you are lucky enough to try one as there is a huge demand for this favorite and they usually sell out!  The classics are all done to perfection as well. 

The donuts that you encounter at Bear Creek are a visual treat and their focus is quality over quantity.  We were also elated to experience old fashioned customer service which also left a lasting impression on us.  Owner Ryan Tripp greets each customer with a smile and is truly appreciative the public has embraced his little donut shop. 

Tasty tidbits:

  • He’s also collaborated with another new Miamisburg business, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop by creating a donut using their candies.
  • Tripp pays homage to Miamisburg by naming his donut shop after Bear Creek which runs through town.

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Story and Photos by Dayton Foodies.  Follow them on Facebook & Instagram!


Photos: Local Buzz Over Bear Creek Donuts

Bear Creek Donuts

Bear Creek Donuts
Bear Creek Donuts - photos by Dayton Foodies

Bear Creek Donuts.

Bear Creek Donuts - Custom Donuts and Gourmet Coffee!

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