2019 Winners: Buckeye Vodka Battle of the Bartenders

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 03/02/2019
2019 Winners: Buckeye Vodka Battle of the Bartenders

Bartenders are given several weeks to create their masterpieces. Who Won You Ask?

2019 Winners: Buckeye Vodka Battle of the Bartenders

Battle of the Bartenders - Erin Morris mixing2019 Battle of the Bartenders Winning Cocktails

Hundreds gathered at the Steamplant in Dayton for the 6th Annual Buckeye Battle of the Bartenders Thursday evening. Sixteen local restaurants entered the competition.

I love this event! Bartenders are given several weeks to create their masterpieces. Most infuse the Buckeye Vodka to make it their own and proceed to test and tune until they arrive at a creation they believe will win. They also collaborate with the chef to make sure the food and drink taste great together.

I don’t know about you, but when I walk in a restaurant and order a cocktail, I don’t look over the menu, decide what I’m going to eat, and choose a cocktail that will pair well with that food. I really appreciate the effort and teamwork that goes into this contest. For the battle, while the focus is on creating the best vodka cocktail, the bartenders and chefs work together to create a complimentary beverage and food pairing. You’ve got to love the names given to some of the drinks. Such as The Wiggly Puff, What’s Up Doc?, and Herb Your Enthusiasm.

Battle 2019 WinnersSo Who Won Already?

Peoples Choice

The People’s Choice went to the Amber Rose for “Lord of Oats” served with Chicken and Waffles. (not pictured)

Best Pairing

Bill Castro and the team at El Meson took home the Best Pairing for “The Marvelous Marcela” with Paella Valenciana. (not pictured)

3rd place: Island in the Heart

Newcomer, Shaun Craig of Calypso Grill & Smokehouse in Yellow Springs took 3rd place with “Island in the Heart”. Shaun’s cocktail had a divine and difficult to achieve foam floated on top.

2nd place: Kiss My Sassafras

Also new to the competition, Erin Morris from The Winds Café in Yellow Springs took 2nd place with “Kiss My Sassafras”. Erin made her own components including ginger beer and mixed her cocktail in front of the judges. It was a very close contest. (Erin is pictured up top)

Winner: Duchess of Earl

In her first battle, Carolyn Porter of Meadowlark took home the coveted Championship Belt for her “Duchess of Earl” A refreshing potion served straight up in a champagne glass, making Meadowlark the only restaurant to produce 2 championship cocktails.

Congratulations to all the competitors. Hope to see you next year!

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