10 things to try at The Amber Rose

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last updated 10/07/2016
10 things to try at The Amber Rose

The Amber Rose are celebrating Oktoberfest! Here are our recommendations.

10 things to try at The Amber Rose

With the air turning cool and Halloween looming, what better way to celebrate than to visit one of Dayton’s best-known haunts?  That would be Amber Rose, whose great menu of Eastern European food is overshadowed only by folklore surrounding it.

The Amber Rose Restaurant was built in 1910 and served as a department store as well as a deli before being converted into a restaurant.  During the Great Flood of 1913, the National Guard was housed there during the cleanup period.  

Located in the neighborhood Old North Dayton, which was first settled by German immigrants in early 20th Century.  The neighborhood would grow to include immigrants from Poland, Lithuania, and Hungary which greatly influenced the kitchens of this working class neighborhood. 

The Amber Rose has embraced the culture and character of the neighborhood and presented it in the menu and aesthetics of the building. Beautiful stained glass windows allow light to peek into the restaurant while vintage pictures adorn the walls.  This restaurant celebrates the history of Old North Dayton as if it is a museum to the area.

This restaurant is known for its scratch cooking!  Just about everything in this place is made from scratch...from their sauerkraut to their salad dressings.  They also make some incredible desserts reminiscent of your grandmother's ability. 

October is a busy month at the restaurant as they celebrate Oktoberfest!  The restaurant offers $2 drafts on selected beers while your first pint is only 10 cents! 

They also offer a full-service bar and make a pretty mean Manhattan!

Here are our recommendations:


1. The Deluxe Potato Pancakes:  Potato Pancakes are such a perfect appetizer especially when you load them up cheddar-jack cheese, bacon, and onions.  They are absolutely wonderful with a pint of bier!

2. Pierogi & Onions:  These were definitely a hit at our table!  This classic Eastern European dish consists of potato-filled dumplings sauteed in butter and topped with caramelized onions.

3. Sauerkraut Balls:  These are definitely some of the best Sauerkraut Balls that we have tried in a restaurant.  Not sure if it was the type of sausage they use or the wonderful herb mixture, but these absolutely hit the spot!  Full of flavor, deep-fried, and served with dark mustard and horseradish dipping sauces.


4. Lithuanian Cabbage Rolls:  An absolute classic dish that was done the right way!!  Ground beef mixed with pork, rice and seasonings and then rolled up in cabbage leaves and roasted.  

5. Three Sausage Sampler:  Can't decide on what sausage to try?  Get the sampler plate and try all three and thank us later for this suggestion.  You get three different sausages: Knockwurst, Bratwurst, and Lithuanian which are cooked in beer.  You can definitely taste the beer in the sausage which just adds so much to the flavor.  This dish is also served with smashed potatoes and delicious red sauerkraut.

6. Home-style Pot Roast:  The menu states that it is just like mom's, but we think it might be better!  The beef is so tender and flaky, it shreds apart with your fork....just like it should.  This is comfort food at its finest.

7. Jager Schnitzel:  If you order this and finish it all, you won't be hungry for a week!  The Jager Schnitzel is veal cutlets breaded and sauteed and topped with swiss cheese and mushroom sauce on a bed of spaetzle (German dumplings).  Delicious and quite hearty!

8. Hunter Schnitzel:  This is probably our favorite meal at the restaurant and the one we highly recommend.  The Hunter Schnitzel is a pretzel crusted pork loin, sauteed and topped with a Dijon cream sauce.  You can never go wrong with this dish.


9. Cherry Almond Bread Pudding:  Made with doughnuts and croissants, this bread pudding is one of the most popular desserts at the restaurant.  Throw in a little Grand Marnier into the mix and you have a taste of heaven.  All bread pudding should be this good!

Honorable mention

10. Elinor's Signature Turtle Soup:  Turtle Soup is one of those things that isn't offered at too many restaurants which is unfortunate.  It truly is a delicacy and Amber Rose's recipe is great.  

Amber Rose also has a great affordable lunch menu with options such as: Reubens, Burgers, Salads, Soups, and lunch-sized entrees.

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