Have your kids discovered the Lovely Nature Playscape?

last updated 07/18/2015
Have your kids discovered the Lovely Nature Playscape?

Encouraging free play for children in a natural setting, this local hidden gem is a unique destination for local families.

Have your kids discovered the Lovely Nature Playscape?

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Russ Nature ReserveHave you discovered the new Russ Nature Reserve in Beavercreek?  The 90-acre property was owned by Fritz and Dolores Russ and gifted to Greene County Parks and Trails in 2014.  

The site features 90 acres of prairie and woodland with four hiking trails, but it's the playscape that really makes this a special destination for families. 

The playscape was dedicated last year in honor of Greene County Parks & Trails’ Maintenance Lead Jeremy Lovely, who died in a construction accident at the reserve. 

What makes a "playscape" different from a "playground" is that its features are almost all created from natural materials. A log cabin and a tee pee provide a perfect setting for open-ended, creative play, and there is no shortage of other features designed to engage. Climb a tree, play on the giant see-saw, build a fort, walk the tight ropes, practice your parkour and more.  The excitement at the playscape is only limited by your imagination!

More info: Russ Nature Reserve.


Photos: Have your kids discovered the Lovely Nature Playscape?

Lovely Nature Playscape

Lovely Nature Playscape
Located at the Russ Nature Reserve

Russ Nature Reserve.

Russ Nature Reserve - 90 acres of mixed prairie and woodlands, with Greene County's only nature playscape, hiking trails and more.

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