Dayton Residents Remain Welcoming to Immigrants, Despite Slight Decline

last updated 04/18/2024
Dayton Residents Remain Welcoming to Immigrants, Despite Slight Decline

Acceptance of immigrants as new neighbors spiked at 70% in 2021 but has declined for two straight years.

Dayton Residents Remain Welcoming to Immigrants, Despite Slight Decline

A recent citywide survey in Dayton found a decrease in residents' willingness to welcome immigrant neighbors. Acceptance peaked at 70% in 2021 but fell to 56.6% in 2023. However, a majority of residents say they would still be supportive if an immigrant household moved in next door.

Photo above: Dave and Sherri Crowell from the Linden Heights Neighborhood, shop traditional Eritrean bread from Balul at EriDayton, a local non-profit organization serving the Eritrean community in Dayton.  EriDayton will be at the Global Artisan Market on Sunday, April 28 - more details below.

Welcome Dayton, a City of Dayton initiative, is working to counter negative narratives and build bridges between immigrants and the existing community.  Jeannette Horwitz, Welcome Dayton coordinator agrees that most Daytonians have positive views of immigrants.

"Overall, we’re very happy with the number — 57% is still quite high," she said. "We think of this as a testament that Welcome Dayton and the city’s efforts are paying off, helping with integration of immigrants and refugees into the city and the larger community."

Horwitz added that she believes most people develop positive relationships with their foreign-born neighbors once they get to know them.

Immigration, unfortunately, has been a polarizing subject nationwide, with news coverage focused on issues at the US-Mexico border.  However, Dayton has a long history of welcoming immigrants, and city officials believe these efforts will continue to integrate immigrants into the community.

Supporters of immigration highlight the economic benefits immigrants bring, such as starting businesses and filling job openings. They argue that negative national rhetoric about immigration does not reflect the reality of positive contributions immigrants make to our communities.

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Immigrant acceptance drops in Dayton, but most residents still supportive

Global Artisan Market at 2nd Street Market

Mark your calendars!  On Sunday April 28, 2024 there will be a Global Artisan Market at The 2nd Street Market - Welcome Dayton has invited special guest artisans who recently arrived in this country to share their cultures with the Market community.

Find more events for Welcome Dayton here, or follow the Welcome Dayton facebook page for more information.

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