Best Places for Sledding Around Dayton

last updated 01/19/2024
Best Places for Sledding Around Dayton

Just in time for the snow, here's some of the best hills to go sledding around Dayton.

Best Places for Sledding Around Dayton

When we ask Dayton Local readers "where is the best place to go sledding in Dayton", the most popular suggestions are pretty consistent - with Suicide Hill, the Wright Brother's Hill and Triangle Park leading the way.  However, with many other places frequently mentioned, we've put together a selection of your favorite sledding places around Dayton!

"Suicide Hill" Community Golf Course, Kettering - 2917 Berkley St, Dayton, OH 45409 (map) - Located at the Community Golf Course Kettering, next to Hills and Dales Metropark.  Given the reputation of this particular spot, just be cautious and sensible!

Wright Brother's Memorial Hill - WPAFB - 2380 Memorial Rd, Dayton, OH 45424 - (map) - Some claim the 40 degree slope at Wright Brother's Memorial Hill is the best sledding hill in Dayton. The designated sledding area is approximately 700-800 ft.  There are some trees at the bottom of the hill, so be careful to avoid them.

Englewood MetroPark - 100 E National Rd, Englewood, OH 45322 (Entrance at US 40 at SR 48 - map) - There is a short walk through the woods to the sledding hill, located in the West Park by the dam. The sledding hill is steep, but there's lots of room to have multiple launches for races or stunt competitions.

Germantown MetroPark - 6206 Boomershine Rd, Germantown, OH 45327 - (map) - We're told the sledding hill at Germantown MetroPark is well worth the drive for sledders, tubers and beginning snowboarders alike.

Taylorsville MetroPark (map) - Taylorsville MetroPark's Sledding Hill entrance is on the east side of Brown School Rd., south of US 40. Grass turf, bumpy and no obstacles with a gentle grade makes for safe but long distance sledding. This hill offers a smooth/bumpy ride down a slope of 30 degrees with a 400 to 500 foot run.

Triangle Park - Dayton - (map) - Many Dayton Local readers have expressed fond memories of sledding at Triangle Park as a child.  This is a popular destination and can get busy at times, but is a great place to take the kids for some sledding fun.

West Milton Municipal Park - (St. Rt. 571 @ Washington St. map) - Located at the top of Washington Street, we're told the main hill at West Milton Park is an extremely popular sledding area, although it should be noted that sledding is prohibited south of the steps.

Bomberger Park - Located just off Fifth street, Bomberger Park in Dayton has been mentioned multiple times by readers.

Indian Riffle Park - Tucked away behind Kettering Middle School, you'll discover "the mound" - a pretty unique sledding experience that offers smooth rides and zero obstacles. The mound is situated right next to Adventure Reef, so much easier to park there, rather than at the park. 

Grant Park & Stubbs Park in Centerville have frequently been mentioned as great places to go sledding.  

Hillside Chapel - located on Shakertown Road in Beavercreek, the hill outside the church has been mentioned as a popular place for sledding

Dominick Lofino Park - also in Beavercreek on Grange Hall Road has been cited as great option, especially for smaller kids as it is generally less busy and offers some smaller slopes. 

Belmont Park - has been cited more than once as another great place for sledding with younger children.

Xenia Fairgrounds Rd - a location across from St. Brigid Church has also been mentioned a few times, but the details are vague. If you can help fill in the gaps on this, or have more information on any of the above suggestions, let us know - is the hill easy to find, how steep, how long, smooth or bumpy?

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