11 Things You Didnt Know About Dayton Germanfest Picnic

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11 Things You Didn't Know About Dayton Germanfest Picnic

11 Things You Didn't Know About Dayton Germanfest Picnic

After a successful Germanfest LITE based at their Clubhouse in Historic St. Anne's Hill in 2020, the 38th Annual Germanfest Picnic will expand its footprint in the neighborhood for 2021.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Dayton Germanfest Picnic

Dayton Germanfest Picnic invites you to “Get YOUR Gemütlichkeit on” August 13-15, 2021! Though an imperfect translation, the invitation is to come, be cheerful, friendly, and comfortable. The fact that this event is celebrating its 38th year is evidence that we know how to and enjoy “Getting OUR Gemütlichkeit on”. 

Admission is FREE!

Based at the Liederkranz-Turner clubhouse in beautiful, historic St. Anne's Hill and adjoining Fifth Street, the Germanfest Picnic features traditional German food, bier, music, cultural displays, a kinder korner, souvenirs, crafts, other vendors, and a Polka Mass on Sunday. There is truly something for everyone.

FREE parking is available on Saturday and Sunday at Stivers High School and all weekend at the the SOITA Center at Fifth and Keowee Streets. Just follow the signs.

Potato Salad Making for Germanfest PicnicThings you may not know about the Germanfest Picnic:

  1. Dayton Liederkranz-Turner was granted a charter as a singing club in 1890, making them the OLDEST German-American club in the area 
  2. They have “Potato Peeling Parties” the week before the picnic (photo, right)
  3. 1500 Pounds of the world’s best Potato Salad are our reward for their labor! (If you want to know how to make it, you have to help!)
  4. 60 Roasters, over 700 pounds, of Sauerkraut is expertly  seasoned with spices, bacon fat and pieces of pork and made especially for the picnic by the Eintracht Singing Society 
  5. 1200 pounds of specially seasoned Bratwurst will be wolfed down
  6. 300 pounds of Mettwurst will be gobbled up 
  7. 3,000 Pork Tenderloins will be transformed into delicious Pork Schnitzel 
  8. 3,000 Brötchen (Traditional German Rolls) baked locally by Evans Bakery will be consumed
  9. 600 pieces of Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake) our signature dessert will be devoured
  10. 200 Cream Puffs will be scarfed down 
  11. Drive thru service for Pre-paid carry out orders available Friday 6 – 8, Saturday 5 – 8 and Sunday Noon - 2

Germanfest Picnic Schedule

  • Friday, August 13  5PM-11PM 
  • Saturday, August 14 11AM-11PM 
  • Sunday, August 15  11 AM-3PM (Polka Mass at 10a.m.)

For more information, see www.GermanfestDayton.com

How it all started:

In 1983 Dayton Foundation President Fred Bartenstein asked Wanda Wiedman to create something like the Oktoberfest Dayton Art Institute produces each fall. Wanda suggested a summer picnic; Fred went for it and the first Germanfest Picnic took place in 1984. The first year there was no electricity or music and members brought their own grills. In year two the Sauerkraut German Band composed of military and civilian members from WPAFB played music. By year three bands from Austria and Germany were added, the festival expanded to two days and later the entire weekend. 

Dayton Liederkranz-Turner German Club's purpose is to promote and preserve German culture and traditions in the Miami Valley. DLT presents the Germanfest Picnic annually. Funds raised at the picnic enable them to preserve the Miami Valley’s rich German heritage in addition to providing several scholarships.

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    Dayton Liederkranz Turner
    Dayton's oldest German organization. The group's purpose is to promote and preserve German culture and traditions in the Miami Valley.