Review: Just Desserts at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

BY: Michael Woody
last updated 09/07/2023
Review: Just Desserts at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

‘Just Desserts' contains all the ingredients of an enjoyable treat.

Review: Just Desserts at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

Rather than ‘Just Desserts’ I think a more fitting name for the musical would be, ‘The Dessert Club.’ I found it comparable, in ways, to the classic eighties movie, ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Rather than in detention, the characters are competing in a baking competition at a county fair. However, from spending several hours together they learn a lot about themselves and each other. Other than a makeover, that’s where the comparisons end. It’s possible though that the host did raid Barry Manilow’s wardrobe. 

The competitors are The Dreamer, The Vixen, The Shy One, The Stranger, and The Master. All participating in a public access television version of a Food Network bake-off. They not only create some sweet treats but also stir up some suspicions about each other, dish out some catchy songs, and The Dreamer is Emma (Kaylee Michael), who aspires to be an entrepreneur and open her own bakery. With a voice as smooth as meringue, her future possibilities are endless.

The Vixen is Karie - Lee Sutherland as Brandy. It’s the southern charm type of character that she always excels at. Sutherland is sugary enough to ice a three tiered wedding cake. 
Though Jean (Linda Dew), shies away from the microphone, she speaks volumes with her baking skills. Dew’s performance is the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. 

The Stranger is Lou (Colin Cranstoun), a mysterious newcomer to town. Normally more of a background player, Cranstoun rises to the occasion like a chocolate soufflé. (Not to be confused with sweet potato soufflé).

Rounding out the contestants is The Master, who has won four straight years and likely the town’s richest resident. Mildred (Leanne Greenberg), is determined to keep her streak alive. Greenberg shines with a stirring rendition of ‘Eyes on the Prize,’ which is the vocal highpoint. 

The contestants each also play various family members as they each have flashbacks to significant moments of their lives. It’s beneficial to learn a little more about the characters, but the memories were rather bland like vanilla. Some more flavor would make the scenes more appealing.

A weatherman turned bake-off host, Zack (Jonathan Pendergrass) is mostly sunny with a chance of a slight storm. He delivers some scorching one liners.  ‘Just Desserts’ contains all the ingredients of an enjoyable treat. I think to reach its full potential some more laughs could be sprinkled in but it still leaves a good taste in your mouth.

Find more information about this production at LaComedia on our calendar: Just Desserts

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