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Review: Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Review: Cirque Dreams Holidaze
Michael Woody
Tuesday, December 21, 2021

"A show for all ages to enjoy that a whole family can make a Christmas memory with" ~Mike Woody

Review: Cirque Dreams Holidaze

A new set of eyes should be added to my Christmas list as mine must not be working correctly. There’s no way the stunts I witnessed occur on stage actually happened as most of them aren’t humanly possible. A contortionist more bendable than a pipe cleaner, an aerialist who spun in mid air while hanging from her hair, and a gymnast who balanced himself with one hand atop his partners head. That’s just a brief sampling of the acts featured in Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Loosely based on the Nutcracker is the series of dazzling performers, all in colorfully vibrant costumes. Don’t go expecting an engrossing storyline to follow, but to see feats performed that were never thought possible. The plot is similar to the food at Hooters, in that it’s only a backdrop to the main attraction. Cirque Dreams Holidaze is all about its performers. For instance, one individual balances himself on a stack of cylinders, topped with a board. The description is nowhere close to the sight. It’s hard to put into words the sights seem at Holidaze, and at Hooters too, but that’s another story. 

One of the most featured acts is a juggler, he literally wears many hats throughout the show. He also utilizes the hats in a very entertaining way, such as while atop a very high unicycle. Furthermore, he later juggles a collection of ping pong balls using only his mouth. 

It’s a show for all ages to enjoy that a whole family can make a Christmas memory with. We brought our four year old and she clapped enthusiastically from beginning to end. At times I felt like I was watching America’s Got Talent: Daredevil Edition. I’m sure Simon Cowell would give the show a standing ovation. Cirque Dreams Holidaze continues at the Victoria Theatre through December 26. 

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Michael Woody
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