When Dreams Can Come True

BY: Tristan Navera Tristan Navera, Contributing Writer – November 25, 2012.
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When Dreams Can Come True

For over 30 years, children fighting life-threatening illness in Ohio and beyond have seen their dreams come true thanks to the kindness of strangers, and A Special Wish Foundation.

When Dreams Can Come True

For over 30 years, children fighting life-threatening illness in Ohio and beyond have seen their dreams come true thanks to the kindness of strangers.

From special items to trips to dream destinations like Disneyland, and visits with heroes and role models, A Special Wish Foundation remained in the children's corner during the fight, helping to ease the pain and uncertainty of disorders.

The organization has chapters throughout this state as well as three others, and even Moscow, Russia. But nowhere have the children felt the kindness of strangers more than in Dayton.

David Seyer, executive director of the Dayton chapter of A Special Wish, noted thousands of children in Dayton have had their dreams come true thanks to the organization, which is the largest chapter of the Columbus-based charity.

Dayton Local: How did the group get started in Dayton?

Dave Seyer: "The Dayton chapter was founded in 1983, since then we have granted over 1,500 wishes to local children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. We're the largest special wish chapter in the country."

"David Lance, a local Dayton police officer had read about a child in Columbus who had a wish granted to go to Disney world. He contacted them to get involved, and that is how the Dayton chapter was formed. Mr. Lance paired up with Bill Elam of Bill's Donuts in Centerville and they raised the money and sent our first wish kid to Disney in 1983. Since then the organization has continued to move forward and grow and grand approximately 55 wishes a year on average, and the average wish cost around $5,000."

DL: How does a wish work?

DS: "We have an amazing partnership with Dayton Children's Medical Center so when a child is diagnosed with life-threatening illness, we work with the hospital to make sure we get their information and they get ours, so referrals can happen. We get referrals from doctors, social workers and family members of the child."

"We're the largest chapter of Special Wish Foundation, and we're the only wish-granting organization located in the Dayton area. We cover Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Shelby, Preble and Mercer county plus any child treated at Dayton Children's."

A Special Wish Foundation
How You Can Help A Special Wish Foundation

DL: How can people in the Dayton area help?

DS: "We exist on the generosity of this community. You can make a contribution to Special Wish and be a part of making a child's wish come true by going on our website aspecialwish.org , there's a 'Donate Now' button.  You can also call our office at 223-WISH and make a contribution."

"We also have volunteer opportunities a few times throughout the year, and if you go to aspecialwish.org, and there's a volunteer form to fill out. When we have opportunities, we send out notification, and if you're available, we'd love to have you volunteer."

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