Tucker Book Release (100% to animal welfare)

last updated 11/19/2020
Tucker Book Release (100% to animal welfare)

Support animals with the new book, "Tucker Finds His Forever Home." 100% of proceeds go toward animal welfare projects and programs. Autographed copies, singles, & "Rescue Sets" for shelters

Tucker Book Release (100% to animal welfare)

Tucker Finds His Forever Home” by Wagtown is THE children’s book for the holiday season! 

*100% of proceeds support animal welfare programs and projects. It launches NOW!


Tucker book synopsis??  “Tucker Finds His Forever Home” tells the story of a young pit bull mix dog who is forced out of his home by his family’s landlord. He wakes up in a park and is confused by his surroundings and why everyone is afraid of him. The young dog runs for shelter in an alley where he dreams of his home. The next morning, the Animal Resource Center finds him and takes him to the shelter. Tucker is excited about his new surroundings, a soft bed, and high hopes of being adopted. Weeks go by and Tucker’s happiness fades as dog after dog is adopted and he is passed over because they think he is mean. One day, Tucker meets someone special. A woman named Lyla, who thinks he is just perfect the way he is. She adopts Tucker and takes him to her dog-friendly community to give him happiness, unconditional love, and a forever home.?? Tucker has fun adventures and feels completely accepted in this new town. He realizes that he isn’t a worthless dog after all. In the end Tucker found out that being himself is good enough.?

Single copies are available here.
Autographed copies are available here.
"Tucker to the Rescue" Support Packages are available here.

Thanks so very much!
Beth Miller, Founder of Wagtown


Wagtown - Wagtown is a Dayton-born nonprofit organization (501(c)3) dedicated to the development of authentic and responsible dog-friendly communities.

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