Dayton Pedaling Pub Ready To Roll: Needs New Name

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 02/09/2017
Dayton Pedaling Pub Ready To Roll: Needs New Name

Your chance to name someone else's business has arrived! Dayton Pub-Tour-Cycle, previously known as "Dayton Pedaling Pub" needs a new name.

Dayton Pedaling Pub Ready To Roll: Needs New Name

Just when the Dayton City Commission approved the ordinance that allows open containers of up to 36 ounces of canned beer per person on commercial quadricycles, the owners of Dayton Pedaling Pub received a cease and desist order from the parent company of a competitive cycle company. Undaunted, Chad Banter and Lindsay Kleinhenz posted the letter with a request for new name suggestions on their Facebook page Wednesday.

If they pick the name you submit (1st submission for duplicate names) you'll win a free trip on the bike!! Submit your suggestions in the comments of this facebook post or text them at 937-55 PEDAL with your name.

Chad and Lindsay both have “day jobs” in the medical field and knew they wanted a business of their own. Each spotted their first quadricycles on separate trips to Nashville a couple years ago, and had their first meetings with the City of Dayton about the concept last July. Next thing you know they get word that a man in Jacksonville, FL has build a quadricycle that’s for sale. The pair went to Jacksonville, bought the cycle, and hauled it to Dayton.

Owning the pedaling pub beer cycle meant they had to get permission from the city of Dayton, choose a name, logo, home base, route, insurance, and more before hosting customers. You know what they say about “who you know”. Lindsay went to Alter High School with Nick Bowman of Warped Wing, a perfect place to start a pub-tour-cycle in downtown Dayton.

You should know:

  • The cycle has a sober Captain (You will be drinking & pedaling)
  • The bike requires a minimum of 8 pedalers. Seating is available for up to 5 additional guests.
  • Lindsay & Chad tell me new seats are on their way (I suggested tractor seats for obvious reasons)
  • The cycle has battery assist - in case pedalers need a little help
  • Tours last approximately 2 hours
  • Your group of 8-13 can book a tour for only $300

Pedal Wagon Dayton.

Pedal Wagon Dayton - The Pedal Wagon is a multi-passenger, pedal-powered, rolling celebration that goes on 2-hour cruises to Dayton's best restaurants, pubs & bars!

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