Dayton International Airport Provides Updates for Holiday Travelers

last updated 11/24/2020
Dayton International Airport Provides Updates for Holiday Travelers

As Passengers Prepare for Holiday Travel, Dayton International Airport Outlines Changes.

Dayton International Airport Provides Updates for Holiday Travelers

Dayton, Ohio - With an estimated increase in demand for air travel during the holiday season, Dayton International Airport has a few updates and considerations for passengers - especially travelers who haven't visited the airport since last year's holiday season.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the launch of their new credential authentication technology to improve screening procedures by further limiting touchpoints.
"This new technology installed at the Dayton security checkpoint enhances detection capabilities for identifying fraudulent IDs at checkpoints and increases efficiency," said TSA's Federal Security Director for Ohio Don Barker. "The system will also limit touchpoints between the TSA officer and travelers during this pandemic while also confirming the passenger's flight status."
Passengers should approach the travel document checking station at the checkpoint and hand their ID to the security officer who will insert it in the scanner for authentication.
Passengers will not have to hand over their boarding pass (electronic or paper), thus reducing a touchpoint. Instead, they should hold up their boarding pass to the security officer for visual inspection. The credential authentication technology (CAT) unit will verify that the traveler is prescreened to travel out of the airport for a flight that day; however, a boarding pass may be requested for travelers under the age of 18 and/or those with ID issues. For more information regarding TSA's credential authentication technology go to Passengers should check in for their flights and be in possession of their boarding passes either physically or electronically prior to entering the security check-point area.
Throughout the pandemic, TSA has worked to maintain the safety of passengers and agents by requiring personal protective equipment as well as putting in place acrylic barriers. As a reminder, masks are required for passengers traveling through DAY.
Furthermore, because no airlines currently accept cash at the ticket counter, there is a new kiosk in the Ticketing Lobby where passengers can convert cash to a prepaid debit card. If travelers need to pay for fees, upgrades, check a bag, or other services to their airline, cash is no longer an accepted payment method.
Additionally, airlines are now facilitating their own wheelchair services. To request wheelchair assistance, passengers should go to their airline's ticket counter.
To learn more about DAY's response to COVID-19, visit

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