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Dayton, OH, 45402

The Polished Girlz bring sparkle to the lives of girls with special needs or frequent hospitalizations by bringing the trendiest nail art parties to them.

The “Polished Girlz” 501(c)(3) nail teams were started by 10 year old Alanna Jai Wall in 2011. Alanna wanted to combine her love of drawing, nail design for different projects, and once glitter was added to the mix she was sold!

Alanna's compassionate spirit made her want to share her talents with young ladies that were hospitalized or not feeling quite as “polished." Add a mission of hand washing, infection reduction, and a few like minded friends and the “Polished Girlz” were born.

Born to Rock, Born to Shine and Born to Serve!

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Polished Girlz: Bringing a Smile to Kids in Treatment

11/11/2015: Dayton, OH - Polished Girlz started in Dayton, Ohio, and now has chapters in 17 states as well as Canada.

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