Polished Girlz: Bringing a Smile to Kids in Treatment

BY: Lauren Rinehart
last updated 11/11/2015
Polished Girlz: Bringing a Smile to Kids in Treatment

Polished Girlz started in Dayton, Ohio, and now has chapters in 17 states as well as Canada.

Polished Girlz: Bringing a Smile to Kids in Treatment

Polished GirlzNo one wants to be stuck in the hospital for extended periods of time, but for children it can be an especially terrible experience - the uncertainty, the boredom, the lack of color and fun.  Luckily Alanna Wall founded Polished Girlz, a local charity based around the idea of bringing a little sparkle to girls with disabilities and girls with frequent hospitalization.

Alanna Wall was always a fan of all things nail related - nail polish, nail art and techniques, and best of all, glitter.  She also really wanted to give back to her community but found that she was too young to volunteer.  While most people would have given up and waited until they were old enough to volunteer with an existing charity, Alanna decided to start her own organization and at the young age of 10 years old, she did just that.

You're never too young to make a difference

Polished GirlzPolished Girlz started in Dayton, Ohio with Alanna as the founder and sole volunteer but little by little her message has spread across the country.  Now Polished Girlz has chapters in 17 states as well as Canada.  Each chapter visits hospitals and other care facilities armed with nail kits to polish the nails of girls who otherwise might not be feeling their most "polished."

Polished Girlz Hospital Visit

Their service brings smiles and giggles to children who aren't feeling their best.  It's also a great opportunity to feel a sense of normalcy for kids going through some very uncertain times in their lives.  While they are having their nails done, they aren't dealing with their disease, they're just being kids and having fun.

How You Can Help

Alanna and her volunteers can't do it all alone - consider joining their cause by signing up here.  Not sure you'd be good at nail design?  Check out their list of needed items or donate here instead.

Check out when Alanna got to meet Ellen in the video below.

For more information, visit the Polished Girlz website: polishedgirlz.org

Polished Girlz.

Polished Girlz - The Polished Girlz bring sparkle to the lives of girls with special needs or frequent hospitalizations by bringing the trendiest nail art parties to them.

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