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Operation 1000 Cherry Trees

Operation 1000 Cherry Trees

Alex Hara is a Japanese-born businessman living in Dayton, Ohio. When a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami shook his homeland in 2011, he watched the devastation on television helplessly from thousands of miles away. Though saddened by the events, he was inspired by the rapid response of the American military and the willingness of the American people to donate their money, products, and time to people half a world away. This was the birth of Operation 1000 Cherry Trees.


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Operation 1000 Cherry Trees

8/19/2012: Dayton Ohio - On July 30th, local dignitaries were joined by the Honorable Kuninari Matsuda, Consul General of Japan, who came down from Detroit, MI to kick off the Operation 1000 Cherry Trees Project. This initiative is intended to be a symbol of lasting friendship between the US and Japan. - Read More

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