Calypso Restaurant Week Menu

last updated 01/20/2023
Calypso Restaurant Week Menu

Calypso Grill and Smokehouse Restaurant Week

Calypso Restaurant Week Menu

Calypso Grill and Smokehouse Winter Restaurant Week 2023

Dine-in and carryout available Sunday, Jan 22 - Saturday, Jan 28 only  (937) 767-9000


(gf)Arepa Fritters - Corn masaarepa dough mixed with house made sofrito and your choice of filling fried until soft inside and crispy outside. Served with Chimichurri aioli and aji salsa
Choose Chicken, Pork or Black Bean and Corn


(gf)Jerk Brisket - Jerk dry rubbed beef brisket smoked slow and low until juicy and tender. Served with cheesy Ohio grown Grits and our decadent Callaloo Greens. 29.23

(gf)Swordfish on the Bluff – Chunks of wild caught swordfish marinated in our aromatic barbados sauce and seared until juicy and tender. Served on a bed of coconut rice. Finished with our heavenly mango-ginger chutney and garnished with tamarind roasted root veggies. 28.23

(v,gf)Pigeon Pea Falafel with Tamarind Roasted Veggies and Key Lime Tahini Sauce – House made falafel made with Caribbean pigeon peas instead of the traditional chickpeas with fresh mint, cumin, onions, garlic, parsley, cilantro and a bit of jerk sauce. Pattied and fried until crispy then served on a bed of coconut rice with carrots, turnips and parsnips all roasted to tender perfection and finished with a tamarind glaze. Topped with a creamy vegan tahini sauce with hints of lime, allspice and love. 25.23


(gf)Vegan Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding - A custardy and spiced pudding made with shredded sweet potato, coconut milk, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Baked to golden perfection and topped with vegan coconut whipped cream.

Coquito Cheesecake Honey-Rum Pineapple Topping - Coquito is a spiced Puerto Rican rum and coconut milk drink similar to egg nog. It lends its flavor profile nicely to this creamy cheesecake with a cinnamon-y graham cracker crust. Topped with fresh pineapple roasted with rum and honey.

Calypso Grill and Smokehouse.

Calypso Grill and Smokehouse - A new and inspired concept from your friends at the Sunrise Cafe! Jerk Chicken, Empanadas, fried plantains and more!

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