Made in Dayton: Watch Ohios Social Distancing PSA
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Made in Dayton: Watch Ohio's Social Distancing PSA

Made in Dayton: Watch Ohio's Social Distancing PSA

If you haven't already seen the Ohio Department of Health viral video on social distancing featuring ping pong balls and mousetraps, you need to watch it.

Made in Dayton: Watch Ohio's Social Distancing PSA

Watch Ohio Health Department of Health 'Flatten the Curve' PSA

Have you seen the 'Flatten the Curve' video from the Ohio Department of Health?  If not, you need to watch it. The video, which has gone viral, uses ping-pong balls and mouse traps to demonstrate how important social distancing is during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social Distancing WorksThe fascinating video shows how a single ping pong ball dropping onto a seemingly endless minefield of mousetraps, each with a ball atop, sets off a chain reaction, resulting in the predictable chaos and destruction as surrounding traps and balls fly into the air.  The traps are then reset, but this time, they are safely spaced apart. Take two sees the ball bounce away harmlessly, without triggering any of the other traps.  

"Stop the spread," the video says. "Social distancing works. A little space makes us all safer  together."

The 30-second video, which has racked up millions of views on various social media channels this week, was created by Dayton-based marketing and design agency Real Art, and shot in the Mathile Theatre at the Schuster Center. 

The message, that social distancing works, has attracted attention from all over the globe.

The Washington Post stated the video was "among the clearest visualizations yet of how proximity can turn lethal — and, conversely, how isolation can turn the tide." 

"This is such a memorable, effective bit of imagery." tweeted Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling.

Watch the video below. #InThisTogetherOhio


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