Please Be Kind When You Go Out To Dine

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Please Be Kind When You Go Out To Dine

Please Be Kind When You Go Out To Dine
Lisa Seibert
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reduced capacity patio dining is permitted as of May 15 and dine-in service is allowed to resume May 21. We recommend you call ahead to confirm on site dining options.

Please Be Kind When You Go Out To Dine

Many of us are eager to return to dining out and gathering with friends and family. Restaurants and their staff are excited to get back to work and serve us.

Please be considerate when dining out. Be polite, patient, and decisive. Some restaurants are working with limited menus. If your favorite item isn't available, try something different. You might just love it! 

For restaurants to abide by the new physical distancing safety protocols, they have had to remove tables, reducing their capacity to serve and earn. Many restaurant workers have been out of work for several weeks. Returning to work will only be beneficial if they can earn enough to meet their financial commitments. 

You can help restaurants and their staffs make the most of their limited capacity by restricting the length of your visit to an hour or less. If you linger and prevent tables from turning you also prevent those restaurants and their staffs from earning income and decrease the likelihood that they will survive the pandemic. 

And please be generous. Tipped employees in Ohio are generally paid $4.35 per hour (half of Ohio's minimum wage). While I was still in grade school my mother taught me that if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to dine out. If you can't afford to tip, kindly consider carryout.

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