Dayton Woman's Club Celebrates 100 Years in 2016

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 03/23/2016
Dayton Woman's Club Celebrates 100 Years in 2016

The Dayton Woman's Club is celebrating 100 years of historical preservation, philanthropy, and community with several events throughout the year.

Dayton Woman's Club Celebrates 100 Years in 2016

Dayton Womens Clud - Interior PhotosThe home at 225 Ludlow Street is one of Dayton’s oldest residences. Built in the late 1840’s, the structure has survived Civil War, the 1913 Flood, two world wars, and the raising of every structure that once bordered it. Had it not been for John Patterson, this residence may have also been replaced. Following the 1913 flood, John Patterson (NCR's Founder) encouraged the many women’s clubs in Dayton to join forces and find a clubhouse, enabling them to move their meetings out of their homes and churches. The women formed a unified group, and sold stock for $10 per share to gain the capital to purchase a clubhouse. Then on November 1, 1916, The Woman’s Clubhouse Company of Dayton, OH - The Dayton Woman’s Club - was incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio and they purchased the mansion at 225 Ludlow Street.

Originally a 2 story home, the home’s second owner Napoleon Bonaparte Darst added the 3rd floor, ornate hand carved wood trim, and imported marble fireplaces. Worth noting is an exquisite Union Eagle carved in the frame of the entry door, a sign of the Darst family’s allegiance to the Union during the Civil War. Select rooms are furnished in period antiques and look much like they would have in the 19th century. Light flows three stories down the ornately carved wooden central staircase through windows at the landings and a skylight above. The front parlor and sitting room on the first floor feature superb hand carved wood trim bordering doors and two bay windows. A dormitory and ballroom in the back have taken the place of a once award winning garden.  DWC rents the house for private and corporate events.

DWC is fortunate to have their own historian, Mrs. Mollie Hauser who was kind enough to show me around and impart both history and the club's mission: To strengthen their community, preserve their historic clubhouse, and enhance the lives of others through volunteer service, friendship, and leadership development. In celebration of their centennial, The Dayton Woman’s Club is offering membership at half price to new members this year. Men are welcome to join DWC, corporate memberships are also offered.

Both members and non-members are welcome to attend the following upcoming events.

Luncheon: Social Hour: 10:30, Program 11 a.m., Lunch : noon ($20 Members/$23 Non-Members)

April 27 - Dawne Dewey presents Katharine Kennedy Brown First President of the Junior League of Dayton - founding Member of DWC and her many accomplishments

May  25 - Betty Darst Presents Hats off to the DWC Past Presidents ~ Katharine Wright: Charter member of DWC

June 29 - Susan Hesselgesser presents “Dayton Suffragists" Including many DWC early members

July 21 - Amanda Wright Lane presents “Just Brothers” (Orville and Wilbur Wright)

Sept 28 - Nancy Horlacher presents Electra C. Doren & Mrs. E. J. Barney Gorman

Oct 26 - Angie Hoschouer presents Women of Woodland Cemetary

Tea: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. ($20 Members/$23 Non-Members)

Nov 6 - Barbara Jorgensen presents Marie Kumler, DWC Founding President enactor to greet us &
Entertainment by pianist Raymonde Rougier

Evening: Social Hour: 5:30, Dinner: 6 p.m., Program : 7 p.m. ($23 Members/$25 Non-Members)

Nov 19 - Formal Dinner Dance - Please join us in celebrating the Dayton Woman's Club's 100th Birthday.

Dayton Woman's Club.

Dayton Woman's Club - The Dayton Woman's Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to empowering women and strengthening the community through programs that honor the past and embrace the future.

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